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We welcome all single men and women OF ALL AGES interested in meeting one another in a variety of fun ways including day and weekend trips, dances, dining, trivia, discussion groups, poker, billiards, bowling, hikes, wine or beer tasting and other creatively designed events. I have personally hosted over 500 events so I've already figured out how to have a great time while facilitating a variety of types of experiences. Some events may focus on particular age ranges or demographics and some will be for everyone (keeping in mind that no one is excluded from any event). I try to incorporate some sort of a mixer into each event making it easy to make connections and/or come alone. Each person will be personally greeted and introduced to everyone present whenever possible. In other words, the activity itself is just the vehicle to bring everyone out to meet each other for BOTH friendship and dating. During the events, we scan the room to make sure everyone is included and participating. This is not designed to be a "pick up" group although all kinds of connections will be made I'm sure. There are no dues however, most events will have an associated fee whether it be to cover hard costs for activities or an organizer/hosting fee. I do this for a living and this fee makes it possible. As soon as our membership numbers go up, I will start adding more events. I do keep track of no shows so please be sure to cancel if you can't make it. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, BIGOTRY, OUT OF CONTROL DRUG AND ALCOHOL USE, RUDE, OFFENSIVE OR DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR. PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE A GOOD FIT BEFORE SIGNING UP! Times are challenging right now so let's make this a safe and friendly oasis for everyone. I am excited to meet you and get this party started!

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Happy Hour & Billiards Mixer - I will schedule a date soon!
Needs a date and time

Danny K's Billards


This is one of my favorite events to host. Come and mingle around while playing partners billiards. The games and partners rotates each time, regardless of winners. That way everyone gets to play and continue meeting new people with every game. I will be taking people around the entire night so you will have a steady stream of new acquaintances.

You do not have to play or be good at billiards to enjoy the mixer experience. It will be a non-competitive night meaning, play your best but who cares who wins! Or perhaps winners buy the next round? Just a thought...

It will be hard to be a wallflower, even if you are shy. If you come alone, you can always hang out with me until you are comfortable.

We will have our own private area-

$10 entrance at the door- Please keep in mind that this fee includes billiards and a host fee. I will be working the event making sure that you are having a great time!

I have had 70 people at a time come to billiards night in the past. I'd love for us to have our own crowd so I will wait until we have at least 100 members and then I'll pick a date!

I will do some weekend events as soon as we build up more members. I don't think it will take long (fingers crossed).

Feel free to message me with any questions or comments.

I'm so looking forward to our first event! Bring your friends too!

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