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To give you as good an idea of this thing as possible, I'm going to follow some guidelines that the staff suggested. I'll do it Q&A style, to make it a little easier on me.

What will we be doing at this Meetup?

Our core team of Circlesong Leaders will teach you parts to sing and have you singing in harmony in no time! No experience required, nor sight-reading -- all you'll need to is pay very close attention to your fellow singers.

What will it be like?

If it's anything like the Circlesinging events that we've been in before (in workshops and in other cities), it will be like a big room full of twenty or more people, standing (or sitting) in a circle around a central leader, singing something that the leader comes up with for you to sing. It will be fun. It might be moving for you. It will probably be very good at helping you make friends with the people you sing with.

Will it be an activity? A discussion? A presentation?

Activity. We plan on a short break in the middle, so if you'd like to learn a little bit about what we're doing and where we learned it from, we'll be happy to talk about it.

Do members need to bring anything?

Nope, not really. Comfortable clothing that you feel good singing and moving around in. Comfortable shoes (standing encouraged; sitting welcomed).

Who should come? Are newcomers welcome?

Newcomers absolutely welcome. Singers of all types, especially those that want to sing with others.

Who shouldn't come?

People who are out to prove that they're the best singer in the world; people who aren't nice; people who aren't happy unless they're singing a solo.

What should a newcomer expect?

A friendly environment with a nice mix of veterans to rely on and newcomers like themselves.

Why should people come?

Circlesinging is like some other singing or music-making activities you may have taken part in, but it is not quite like anything else. Participants who've "caught the bug" of circlesinging like it because the music is spontaneously created on-the-spot, so they wind up singing something that has never been sung before and will never be sung again. They like it because they can relatively quickly be singing in harmony with other singers, without having to study or prepare a piece of music. And they like it because there's something about making music this way that is really good at creating bonds of friendship that cut across the usual (and, we think, stupid) barriers to people coming together.

How will members benefit from coming to your Meetup?

At the least, you'll see what it's all about and you'll have fun. Possibly, you'll be moved. Probably, you'll make new singer-friends. Possibly, you'll gain self-confidence for stronger singing, and the possibility for another creative outlet for your music-making.

How long will the Meetup be?

Two hours with a 10-minute break in the middle.

Is it okay to arrive late?

Sure, but try not to disrupt. "Sneak" in, find the part of the circle where the people have voices about in your range, and join them in singing what they're singing. People will let you right in to the circle.