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What we're about was created back in 2012. Since then we've run workshops, conferences and written thousands of words on our main website and portal.

Our focus is on citizens in the digital economy - an economy that is increasingly driven by citizens rather than consumers. Our masterclass series will look at how citizen-focused technologies are re-framing society.

Citizen2020 looks at how technology is playing a key part in the public policy debate. Emerging technologies like big data, blockchain and sensor-driven networks will result in new business models and social organisation across business and government.

Commerce and public sector need to understand the impact that emerging technology might have – and how we should collectively respond in terms of policy and organisation.

Citizen2020 aims to bring together people who want to know more about emerging digital tech and new business models – and their likely impact on society.

We recognise that there are multiple actors in new, emerging, digital realities. Roles and impacts will overlap. Our aim is to run events and create content that stimulates debate – and thought.

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