17th Annual Rabbit Creek Orienteering Meet and Potluck


May is great time for orienteering in the Owyhee Mountains.
For most years, sunny weather, yet mild temperatures in the low 70’s / high 60’s are almost ideal for a exciting competition.

2020 marks the 17th year the CTOC will compete at this venue, a scenic, fun and challenging event every year.

And in keeping with tradition, there will be a potluck after the meet. Sandwiches/ or pizza will be provided.
Bring some food and/or beverages to share if you can.

Date: Sunday, May 10th
Location: Rabbit Creek (Murphy, ID)
Formats: 4 Courses - Beginner, Sport, Intermediate and Advanced
Starts: After 10:00 am
Time Limit: 3 hours
Intermediate and Advanced courses will be closed to starts after 11:30 am.
Beginner and Sport courses will be closed to starts after 12:00 pm.
The post-meet meal and festivities will begin after most of the competitors have returned. All desserts, beverages, dishes, side dishes or snacks brought to the meet will be welcomed.

See the City of Trees Orienteering Club website in April for more complete details!