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New Map: Ponderosa Pleasures

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New Map: Ponderosa Pleasures


A special note about the Intermediate and Sport Courses: The Ponderosa Pleasures Map has a strip of private property running right down the middle. If you choose either INT or Sport, you will want to cross that private property. To do so, the landowner, Osborn Ranch, requires that you sign a trail register. To ensure that you can comply, please carry a pen or pencil and some paper with you. It is imperative that CTOC maintains a good relationship with the landowner. I posted a copy of the base map showing the Osborn Ranch in the Meetup Photos Ponderosa Pleasures folder.

The misnamed Ponderosa Pleasures Map is now ready for a meet. It's misnamed because although the site has a lot of ponderosa pines, it also has a lot of Douglas fir. The important consideration about these species is that where they are healthy there tend to be runnable forest. Much of this site is very runnable although recent and long past logging have left dangerous slash on the ground. Caution and judgement are required.

Last month's terrain at Goose Lake had so many boulders in some areas that it was not beneficial to map them. Cliffs were the predominant feature for control placement and navigation. In contrast I didn't map any boulders this month because I couldn't find any. No cliffs! No boulders!

Please RSVP by Thursday evening August 18 with name and course choice to ensure you will have a map. You can RSVP either in the comments below or directly to .
Liability Waivers:
Non-members please bring printed and signed liability waivers (available for download at ) from home. We will have blanks if you forget. If you are bringing a minor who is NOT your own child, you MUST bring a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.
Sturdy shoes are a must; we also recommend gaiters to best navigate through the terrain. Some slopes are steep and unstable. It's not a city park, so safe travel requires attention to your footing on hillsides. A compass is useful for setting and following bearings.
Starts from 9:00AM to 11:00AM. Course closes at 1:00PM. Due to possible triple digit temperatures in Boise I will try to accommodate starts earlier than 9:00AM, however, I can't guarantee early starts.
Meet Location:
Meet Start/Finish

  • I have been advised that there is some confusion about the correct name of the road at the north end of the McCall bypass. Google Earth identifies it as West Mountain Road and also as Boydstun Street. However, people familiar with the area refer to it as Boydstun Street. From the intersection of West Mountain Road and Highway 55 in northwest McCall take Highway 55 about 3.9 miles and turn left onto US Forest Service Road 307. That's just 360 metes short of the Brundage Mountain Road.
  • Drive approximately 0.7 miles on USFS Road 307.
  • Drive approximately 100 meters on the two-track to the start.
  • There's not a lot of parking space. Park in such a way that you do not obstruct the two-track

The Google Map pin below shows the location of the start and finish.
Punching at Control:
This meet won't have e-punching.
Classic format traveling in sequential order. You're welcome to go at whatever pace you prefer :)
The terrain does not support a Beginner Course.
Sport (2.9, 92m elevation gain, 7 controls)
A good choice if it's your first time orienteering or you'd like to develop your navigation skills.
Intermediate (3.5km, 136m elevation gain, 10 controls)
An opportunity to apply compass-bearing and contour-reading in rugged terrain.
Advanced (6.7km, 318m elevation gain, 16 controls)
Same terrain and technical ability as intermediate with a lot more endurance required.
Single meet (day) dues: $10 per person/team, free for members
Single Junior (up to 20 years old): $5 per person/team, free for members
If more than one map is needed for a team, a small additional fee may be needed per the discretion of the meet director depending on printing costs.
CTOC annual membership:
Regular $45 (pays for all local meets).
Family $65 (pays for all local meets).
Join today for Monthly Pro-Rata for membership fees:
Month Regular Family
June $26 $38
Membership form and instructions found here.
John Murray

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City of Trees Orienteering Club
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