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Join us this Saturday for a perception-altering afternoon of talks and discussion about practical solutions to systemic world problems.

We will talk about designing technology with a deeply humane approach to solve issues which humans have been unable to shake for millennia, together with two special guests: James Gien Wong, 'Stop, Reset, Go' project (South Africa) and Age van der Mei, Duinn (NL)

Don't miss this opportunity to learn, share, and to network with changemakers and think-alikes!

Doors open at 14:45, we will have a short forum after every talk, and drinks at the end :)

*Awakening the sleeping giant in the Anthropocene* by James Gien Wong (Stop Reset Go, South Africa)

Uncontrolled technological proliferation, fostered by technological colonialism and global trade policies have placed us in the precarious position of destroying the complex web of subtle natural control and feedback loops that have made all life possible, and replacing it with simplistic, and dangerously incomplete human-created ones.

We are fast approaching the awkward and completely untenable situation of destroying so many natural systems that we have to replace them with poor, artificial imitations. The dawning realization that progress itself may be the ultimate progress trap places us in a double-bind.

Our generation is a special one that will decide the future of our, and many other species. The time for incremental change is long past. We are each called to play an heroic role for system level change, driven not by corporations, not by governments, but by citizens of the planet, the sleeping giant who has not yet realized its enormous power.

In this informal workshop, we expose participants to the core change theory developed by the Stop Reset Go global citizen's collective, and co-create the strategy as well as a solidarity network of citizens and peer production cooperatives to drive the rapid whole system change that is necessary.

*Why Geeks are the New Hippies, and How this is a Problem* by Age van der Mei (Duinn, NL)

As humanity is speeding up its scientific, technological and economic development, a new belief system is taking hold: Homo Deus. Man with the powers of the Gods. Human inventiveness has conquered hunger, conflict and illness and we are now setting our aim higher: on solving our human limitations, unhappiness and even death. The technology-wielding-Geeks are turning us into the mythological heroes of the Greeks.

"Technology will Save Us, Stupid". This belief is rapidly spreading, but still somewhat removed from the mainstream. My thesis is that this belief poses a Problem. We’re exchanging the current Economic Imperative for a future Techno Imperative.

How to respond? Not sure... I’m charting a course and it maps to words such as Oneness, Renewal, Wholeness, Stock and Flow. A life before machine approach. How about a good-life-philosophy instead of a new techno-religion?

*Designing an holistic and ecological social co-ordination system for the planet*, by Roberto Valenti (NL) and Bryan Curtin (Earth)

In the blockchain/web 3.0 era of agency-preserving global communication networks, how might we reimagine our systems of exchange, economics and social co-ordination from first principles?

Rather than simply decentralizing money, can we do without centralized states and capital, and moreover provide an infrastructure for ecologically harmonious social co-ordination beyond conventional political-economy? Perhaps the web 3.0 constitutes an advancement of profound anthropological significance which can enable transition from the defunct social macro-systems of today.

We propose a protocol which avoids the drawbacks and subsumes the functions of the familiar patchwork of institutions which we call civilisation... a system which gives primacy to the commons and places humans back into the ecology. Let us define a fresh approach to scalable human social co-ordination for an age of abundance.