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Mule ESB - OpenSource Integration for the Everyone


ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) solutions have been around for quite a while. Even before the advent formal ESB's, developers were integrating applications and systems in various ways. An ESB is a distributed infrastructure used for integration consisting of a set of service components and data adapters, which connect various types of services. ESB's provide an abstracted layer over a reliable messaging middleware infrastructure. The ESB provides foundational services for more complex architectures via an event-driven and standards-based messaging engine (the bus). The ESB provides services for transforming and routing messages, as well as the ability to centrally administer the distributed system.

Mule ESB is the leading OpenSouce implementation of an ESB. In this presentation, we will walk through a simple Mule ESB application that exposes both an HTTP endpoint and a CXF-based SOAP Web service, transforms the payload, and then routes the result to various outbound endpoints. We will use HTTP, CXF, SMTP, and XMPP as the transports. The goal of this session is to demonstrate the flexibility of an ESB and expose developers to a solid Java-based integration tool that will work with just about any technology.


Erich Leipold is President and an ESB Architect at evosolutions LLC. After having worked for several large international and national manufacturing and retail companies, Erich saw the need to bring solid, well-designed IT solutions to companies, in particular, the SMB market. With that dream in mind, he started evosolutions LLC in 2004. evosolutions understands how business requirements change frequently and companies need their technology to keep up with these changes. Erich's goal, and that of his company, is to provide long-term, industry-accepted technology solutions to large, medium, and small companies. Using his nearly 18 years of industry experience and extensive knowledge of open source technology, he creates custom solutions for the SMB market and helps large organizations build good infrastructure through technology. Erich is also certified as a Mule ESB trainer. He has trained companies throughout the US. Mule ESB is a middleware platform that facilitates the exchange of information between disparate systems and applications.

Meeting begins at 5:30PM (food/drinks/networking), followed by the Mule ESB session at 6:15PM.

Hope to see you there!