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Data Science with R, part 2

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In our last meeting we covered K-means clustering on Wine purchase data with R. In this meeting we will use Logistic Regression and graphing to determine when women customers are likely pregnant, based on their purchase data. This is a really good problem, because it's a fairly real world example of how Data Science is used for improving the targeting of advertisements. It's applicable in many other ways also.

The host of our meetup,, is a technology accelerator. They choose 10 startup teams each year for investment and mentoring. The extended application deadline for this years program is this Sunday, July 20th at midnight, the day after our meeting. If you have technology or hardware startup ambitions, please apply to and consider joining this program. Ideally applications are done for a 2 person team, but if you don't have an at least potential partner, you can apply by yourself. If you would like to see or discuss some of the amazing support services that LaunchHouse has to offer, please show up for the meeting on Saturday, or afterwards at 12. Alternatively you could also attend the Makers Alliance club meeting tonight at LaunchHouse at 7pm, I'll be there. I offer AI/Data Science systems and consulting, so I want to see you succeed in the technology business.

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