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The Orheim Company / Anita (Hill): Cleveland Film Fest / Pura Vida

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See details and ticket availability below.

The 37th annual Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) will be taking place April 3- 14. http://clevelandfilm.... (

You can go to one, both movies or just meet us for the discussions. Note that Saturday nights are a bit chaotic so you might not see anyone until you head over to the restaurant/bar after the second movie.




*** We strongly suggest you buy your tickets ahead of time. You will be glad you did. ***
Use the discount key of WKSU for $2 off. Again, that website is: http://clevelandfilm.... (

If the movie is showing in more than one theater, we always go to the second theater and then walk down the aisle on the left hand side of the theater.

4:00 MOVIE 1: The Orheim Company

You can meet with the other group at 3:30 at the end of the Fountains nearest to the Food Court. I will likely not be there but perhaps others of you can find each other.

Film could go on standby, but if it does, you will probably still get in (but why deal with the hassle). Be at the entrance line with your tickets by 3:40.

When you are done, head to the fountain area to meet the other group members

7:20 MOVIE 2: ANITA (Anita Hill will be there in person!!!)

Be at the entrance line with your tickets by 6:45.

Afterward, head straight to the restaurant/bar. Do not try to find us at the festival. Do not pass to stop. Just Go.

SEVEN TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE for $12.00 each through our group. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket--please email Jims.

All are welcome...However, priority will be given to members of this meetup group who have paid the annual fee of $5.00 for this year.

Pura Vida

Head straight to the restaurant/bar. Do not try to find us at the festival. Do not pass to stop. Just Go. We will be able to talk to the other group!!!

Pura Vida, 170 Euclid Avenue, (216)[masked] (The group ate here last year and loved it. Check it out.)

It is easy to find but you will want to know where you are going. STUDY THIS MAP... (,Cleveland,+OH&cid=0,0,6868871629696211342&ei=K_NEUZnSFKbE4AOi1YCgCQ&ved=0CJUBEPwSMAA)

Directions: Walk out of Tower City towards Public Square. TURN RIGHT on the sidewalk. Cross Intersection and you are on Euclid Ave. After you cross the street, it is about 2 minutes of walking (well lit) and you will be at 170 on your right hand side (well BEFORE the Corner alley / East 4th). You will be outside for only 3-5 minutes.

Ask to be seated with the Movie Group if you don't see us when you walk in. Cash is highly recommended.

*** If you plan on joining us ahead of time, please tell us on your RSVP. We will reserve a spot for you at the group table. *** Even if you are not seeing the same movies, feel free to join us for dinner.


It’s 1985 in Stavanger, Norway and Jarle Orheim can’t wait for the Live Aid concert. An earnest preteen with a belief in the power of music, he’s standing by to record it off the TV. But, as always, his father Terje intervenes and drags him off to the coast for a history lesson. Terje is obsessed with the Norwegian resistance fighters of WWII. It’s their sense of unity that’s important, he lectures Jarle and his mom: they worked as a team, each according to his ability. But with increasing frequency, Terje is getting ragingly, abusively drunk, and Jarle’s mom is helpless to defend them. Growing into his teenage years, Jarle starts spending time at anti-racist rallies and his sadness at Terje’s alcoholic decline turns to fury. Based on a trilogy by Tore Renberg, THE ORHEIM COMPANY is a searing family drama that depicts, with painstaking attention to period detail and a delicate sense of nuance, how the little company of three Orheims gradually stops marching in unison.

7:20 ANITA - (She will be in attendance for Q&A) Synopsis

The story unfolded in October 1991, riveting Americans to their televisions. Anita Hill, a beautiful, dignified African-American law professor, was testifying before a Senate committee of 14 white men about the sexual harassment she endured while working with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Reluctantly thrust onto the world stage when she answered a subpoena to testify, Anita became a celebrated -- and hated -- figure whose graphic testimony was a turning point for gender equality in the U.S. The political firestorm that arose over sexual misconduct and power in the workplace still resonates today. The youngest of 13 children, Anita grew up on a farm in rural Oklahoma, yet received her degree from Yale Law School. In ANITA, she speaks candidly for the first time about her experience during the Senate hearings, as well as her life and work in the 20 years since. Anita Hill empowered millions of people to stand up for equality and justice; now it’s time we heard her story. – B.B.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

GETTING THERE: Parking is Free (with validation!), but it gets very crowded so allow plenty of time, especially on weekends. Consider taking RTA.

BUYING TICKETS: For most films, I recommend you buy tickets online ahead of time or at the festival. Some of the films sell out. Others go on standby, which means you will be admitted if there are seats available, but it requires more waiting. As a last resort, you could see another movie and meet us afterwards. If you use the code WKSU, you will save $2 / ticket. http://clevelandfilm.... (

OTHER MOVIES AT THE CIFF: I would encourage you to post other CIFF movies you may be attending so that others may be able to join you.