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Early Spring - Cinematheque/Indian Flame

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"Early Spring" is part of a series based on the theme of "marriage"--all directed by the great Japanese director, Ozu.

Additional info on Ozu's style and our group's response to his films from previous meetups is printed below--(copied from "Flavor of Green Tea..." meetup)

5:00 PM MOVIE at Cinematheque
Meet us in the lobby about 15 minutes ahead of time or look for the group inside the theater or meet us afterward not too far from the ticket office.

8:00 PM After Movie Dinner/Discussion--Indian Flame

Early Spring--synopsis:

A Japanese salaryman, bored with his job and his wife, has a brief fling with the office flirt, causing his wife to walk out on him. Ozu’s domestic drama, told in his unique minimalist style, “unravels slowly with great formal beauty, economy, lucidity and humour” (The Holt Foreign Film Guide ). With Chishu Ryu.

Subtitles. 35mm. 144 min.


Ozu is widely considered to be one of the best directors in the world.

His movies focus on middle class issues: family, jobs, marriage. The stories are very simple and they are filmed in a very restrained, naturalistic manner.

Our group saw a few of his movies last year and opinion was sharply divided--Some of us thought they were poetic and emotionally moving and others thought they were profoundly boring!

His films require the viewer to be patient because not much happens. There are no "camera tricks" or major plot twists. You will be immersed in Japanese life and culture: his characters are ordinary people living their lives at a particular place in the 1950's. This film is in black and white with subtitles.

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