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Rotten Tomatoes: 73%

Juliette Binoche gives a mesmerizing performance as the brilliant sculptress, protégé of Auguste Rodin (and later his mistress), and sister of the Christian/mystic poet Paul Claudel - who, by 1915, was confined to a remote, church-run asylum for the mentally ill near Avignon. Bruno Dumont's rigorous, hypnotic portrait suggests that Camille's intense creativity and bohemian mores were on an inevitable, tragic collision course with her conventional Christian family and the expectations of early20th century French society. Camille's paranoia (she believes Rodin is plotting against her) and occasional violent outbursts complicate her situation. Dumont peoples his film with real asylum patients, giving the film a disturbingly realistic dimension that adds to its poignancy. “Possibly Dumont’s finest.” 1 hr. 37 min.


Exploitative as this may seem in theory, it works beautifully onscreen, mostly because of Binoche's radiantly complicated humanity. Keith Uhlich ( Time Out New York Top Critic

7:20 PM MOVIE at the Cleveland Cinematheque (

11141 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44106

9:15 PM Dinner/Discussion at Mia Bella
12200 MAYFIELD RD Cleveland, OH, 44106
(216) 795-BELLA (2355)

Another home run for Mia Bella. Having been here numerous times (and last reviewed it on 4/11/2011), I can only say that the food and service are absolutely the best. Basically a family run business, you will see the same wait staff every time you go (over the years)....they are real pros and get to know you. Our most recent visit was on a very busy Saturday (recommend reservations) with a party of 10. There was a party of at least 20 already under way, and the house was nearly full (inside and out). Great wine list. House salad is worth the $5, especially when paired with the home baked warm Italian bread. The pastas are to die for, full of flavor and still very light. Seafood (salmon) expertly prepared. Great setting with outstanding service. Cannot say enough good about this place. I dont understand the few negative reviews.....this is the best value in Little Italy.

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