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On the director, Eric Rohmer:

"A Rohmer film is a flavor that, once tasted, cannot be mistaken," wrote Roger Ebert ( in 2001. "Like the Japanese master Ozu (, with whom he is sometimes compared, he is said to make the same film every time. Yet, also like Ozu, his films seem individual and fresh and never seem to repeat themselves; both directors focus on people rather than plots, and know that every person is a startling original while most plots are more or less the same."

Meet us in the lobby about 15 minutes ahead of time or look for the group inside the theater or meet us afterward not too far from the ticket office.

7:00PM Dinner/Discussion at L'Albatros

11401 Bellflower Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44106 (216)791-7880


Éric Rohmer’s delightful comedy consists of four different vignettes involving two friends, country girl Reinette and city girl Mirabelle. Reinette, an aspiring painter with principles, and Mirabelle, a pragmatic ethnology student, share a flat in Paris but react to the people they encounter (an obnoxious waiter, a kleptomaniac, a pompous art dealer) in very different ways. “A tiny miracle.” –The Holt Foreign Film Guide. Subtitles. 95 min.


--Reinette is the country mouse and Mirabelle the city mouse, apposite figures whose mundane adventures, like buying a cup of coffee, provoke philosophical discussions about honesty, charity and art....the philosophical questions do not yield answers; they define character.

--Every day we are confronted by myriads of choices that require no thought; others demand more careful ethical consideration. Writer and director Eric Rohmer does a remarkable job revealing the different values of these two young women from divergent worlds. The message in this film: our moral perspective does have an impact on the quality of our lives, and the way we treat others is a key to our character.

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