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Taking Father Home / 4:15 The Tracker - Muse at the Ritz-Carlton - CIFF

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The 31st annual Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) will be taking place March 15-25. It is an incredible treat that we have a festival noted by Time magazine as one of the top ten in the world. http://clevelandfilm.... (

This Meetup is the 1st of 3 events sponsored by CIMG. For any event, you may attend one or both movies.

1:45: MOVIE 1: I am guessing that tickets might be available last minute. Meet by the center of the Fountains on the side nearest to Tower Cinemas. At 1:55, we will be leaving to get in line for TAKING FATHER HOME. Afterwards, we will be waiting around the "Parking Validation" desk.

3:45: MOVIE 2: Film may go on standby by the first Saturday in the festival, but I am guessing you might get in if you wait. Meet by the entrance line for THE TRACKER. At 4:00, we will get in line for the movie. Afterwards, we will meet by the center of the Fountains on the side nearest to Tower Cinemas.

6:15 EATS AND DISCUSSION: From the Fountains, we will walk (all indoors) to the Muse. Dress is business casual. http://www.ritzcarlto... (

TAKING FATHER HOME DESCRIPTION: CHINA. Directed by Ying Liang. 100 minutes

With no money, one knife, two ducks, and a dream, stubborn teenager Xu Yun leaves his small village for the big city. There may be over three million in Zigong, but Xu is determined to find his father, who abandoned his family six years ago. Additional description: http://www.clevelandf... (

THE TRACKER DESCRIPTION: AUSTRALIA Directed by Rolf de Heer. 98 minutes

Four nameless men credited as The Tracker, The Fanatic, The Follower, and The Veteran traverse the Australian outback in search of a black fugitive accused of killing a white woman. Additional description: http://clevelandfilm.... (

GETTING THERE: Parking is Free (with validation!), but it gets very crowded so allow plenty of time, especially on weekends. Consider taking RTA.

BUYING TICKETS: For most films, I recommend you buy tickets online ahead of time or at the festival. Some of the films sell out. Others go on standby, which means you will be admitted if there are seats available, but it requires more waiting. As a last resort, you could see another movie and meet us afterwards. http://clevelandfilm.... (

FINDING THE GROUP: If you don't find us ahead of time, plan to meet by the Fountains, on the side nearest to Tower Cinemas afterwards. I am often found wearing an Indian's cap.

OTHER MOVIES AT THE CIFF: I would encourage you to post other CIFF movies you may be attending so that others may be able to join you.


Cleveland Cinemas (Cedar Lee), Cleveland Heights, 2163 Lee Road. http://www.clevelandc... (

Cinemateque, Cleveland Institute of Art, 11141 East Blvd. (

Cleveland Museum of Art Panorama Series, 11150 East Blvd. http://www.clevelanda... (

Movie Reviews. http://www.rottentoma... (

NOTE: In the world of Independent films, it is recommended that you check back a few days before the event to make sure the movie, restaurant, location or time has not changed.