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Westie Sunday Skool
Westie Sunday Skool is in session! Skool is held on Sundays, but may not be every weekend. Dates will be posted for each month. 3pm Pre-dance Workshop with special guest Jennifer Pasetes, Corey's routine partner from San Francisco! $5 4pm-6pm West Coast Swing social/practica $10 The workshop portion may consist of a new move, pattern, or working on a particular technique. Whatever it may be, you'll get something out of it! Come for the lesson! Currently, Westie Sunday Skool is geared toward dancers with some dance background, of any style, or those familiar with the basics of west coast swing. As our Westie Sunday Skool grows, more options will be offered! "What is a practica?" I'm happy you asked! At most social dances asking for feedback is a HUGE no-no. However, in a practica environment you can request feedback and suggestions from instructors and peers. At Westie Sunday Skool it's simple, just ASK! Music will be played and you will ask people to dance. But before you start dancing, start asking! If you want feedback, tell your partner what you'd like feedback on, or suggest a move you'd like to practice. "I'd like to know how my tuck turn feels to you", "Can we concentrate on connection technique during this song?", "My whip feels sloppy, can you give me your opinion?", "Can we work on that move from the lesson last week?". If you don't want feedback, simply say "I'd like to just social dance". Of course, if your partner would like some feedback, please offer some if you can. You can come just to dance OR come to practice and get advice OR BOTH! However, make sure to respect when someone wants to just dance and don't ever give feedback that isn't requested beforehand. We love our Cleveland Westies, please join us at Westie Sunday Skool! To contact Corey with any questions, read about him, watch videos, sign up for his Emailer, or get information about this event or other lessons he offers, visit or follow him on Facebook at "" or the "Cleveland Westies" page.

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    I am a national competitor and instructor in West Coast Swing and I'm always looking for ways to grow my local dance community. I try to make dance accessible by offering small group lesson, large free group lessons, dances, and other opportunities. We have a lot of fun in a friendly atmosphere where beginners are welcomed and encouraged. There's no need to have a partner since leads and follows are rotated. There is no experience required, we will get you moving and loving this funky, smooth, sexy, and modern style of couples dancing!

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