Past Meetup

Roundtable/Fundraiser with Annie Laurie Gaylor of FFRF!


Join us for this extra-special event featuring Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation ( (FFRF). Annie Laurie has decided to extend her stay in NE Ohio for the benefit of a local FFRF chapter formed earlier his year, the Northern Ohio Freethought Society ( (NOFS).

Annie Laurie, who runs the FFRF along with her husband Dan Barker, is probably THE busiest secular activist in the nation. The FFRF has been involved with numerous cases related to church/state separation at the national, state and local levels. Annie Laurie has appeared on major news stations and has had interviews with (and has been written about by) many other major news outlets. The FFRF, which is closing in on 20,000 members, also focuses on getting America's non-theists "out of the closet" with their attractive ad campaigns.

This event will be lighthearted, casual and interactive- please feel free to ask Annie Laurie any questions you might have. Mingling and fun is encouraged!

The Roundtable/Fundraiser will be held at the delectable Kumo Japanese Seafood and Buffet ( If you're not particularly fond of seafood, no worries! Kumo offers a tremendous selection of different foods in their huge buffet, with plenty of choices for vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike.

COST: $26 per person- includes all you can eat from the delicious Kumo buffet plus unlimited soft drinks/tea/coffee. Extra proceeds will benefit the local chapter of the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

We will allow people to pay at the door, but please note, the price increases to $30 and you will not receive a free entry to win an Olive Garden gift card, but you still can buy raffle tickets to win an autographed (or non-autographed) book from the list below!

How to pay:

1) You can use the supplied PayPal link (above right) to pay online

2) By check- Please make the check payable to Northern Ohio Freethought Society and mail to:

Northern Ohio Freethought Society

P.O. Box 16671

Rocky River, OH 44116

Or, you can hand the check directly to Marni Tiborsky, Ray Valenti, or Sam Salerno anytime before Thursday, October 17 and your payment will be registered.

3) Cash- you can pay in cash anytime before Thursday October 17. Cash payments should be given directly to Marni Tiborsky, Ray Valenti, or Sam Salerno, who will register your payment.

Payments must be received by Thursday, October 17.

Let's give one of America's foremost purveyors of freethought a warm NE Ohio welcome!

See you there! :)



Jerry Coyne - "Why Evolution is True"

Dan Barker - "Losing Faith in Faith"

Dan Barker - "The Good Atheist"

Dan Barker - "Just Pretend"

Annie Laurie Gaylor - "Woman Without Superstition"

Annie Laurie Gaylor - "Woe To The Women: The Bible Tells Me So"

Anne Nicole Gaylor - "Lead Us Not Into Penn Station"


Dan Barker - "Godless"
P.Z. Myers - "The Happy Atheist"