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Ohio State Reformatory Haunted Tour/Overnight at Malabar Farm- TENTATIVE DATE!


Inexpensive, fun, one-night getaway!!!!

You are welcome to meet up with us for just the haunted prison activity and drive home the same night. But, for reservations purposes here, DO NOT RSVP if you will not stay overnight or if you are even slightly "IFFY" about staying overnight. See details and links below if you are not familiar with hostels, haunted prison experiences, Biblewalks, or Amish country so you can decide.

Overnight no shows will be the objects of diligent spell-casting, will have eye of newt and other unpleasantries slipped into their beverages at the next CFT event they attend, and will be subjected to the evil eye for the rest of their days. I'm not kidding.

There's cool stuff to do in the area so do consider the overnight. Plus, it's a good opportunity to get to know your fellow CFTers better. And you can't beat that!

Those who want to do the prison and leave, just comment on this page and we will know you are going and post arrangements for meeting us at the entrance. We will be thrilled to have you join us. Just do not RSVP.

THE BASICS: We will be going to the "Halloween Supernatural" themed annual Haunted Prison Experience at the old Ohio State Reformatory on Friday night, said to be the best in Ohio every year. The prison is the site of the filming of "The Shawshank Redemption" and is supposedly "haunted."

Then, we will stay overnight and maybe throw together a communal meal at Hostel International's Malabar Farm facility, which is an historic farm house, in Malabar State Park which has lots of attractions itself. The farm is also said to be haunted.

Come morning, there are many things to see at your leisure for the rest of the day-lovely hiking and biking trails, the tour of the farm house which was built by a famed Ohio writer, the haunted cottage where a girl murdered her family down the road, the farm's historic restaurant and shop selling it's sustainable goods, a nearby BIBLEWALK (now that should be fun), a nearby bird and raptor sanctuary, and in general, the area is in the heart of Amish country for anyone looking to buy some good wares for fall feasts, etc.

COST: The haunted prison experience is $17, or $27 for those wishing to bypass the long line. Your event hosts are opting to spring for the $27 as this is a weekend night right before Halloween. You can do as you like.

The maximum you will spend for a Bed (with the above $17 or $27 BOO) will be $32 per person. It will go down depending on how many people we have. The absolute lowest cost would be $18 per person.

So the total per person cost will be anywhere from $40 to $59.


It's a Hostel, not a Westin: Although, this is one of the nicest hostels out there. Sheets, towels, and pillows provided. Shared bathrooms/showers down the hall, one for boys, one for girls. Equipped kitchen, bring your own eats. There is an outdoor grill. There is ample parking.

Right now the hostel is wide open for that night, but, we may or may not end up sharing the hostel with other parties from anywhere in the world. And that could be kind of interesting, actually.

There are THREE dorm-style rooms with THREE bunk beds per room. Each room has one bunk with a double lower bed for couples. The maximum each room sleeps is seven. It is cozy. If reserved individually, it is by bed and the hostel will start assigning boys to one dorm room and girls to another at a cost of $28 per person. However, we can reserve a whole room for ourselves for $85 per room, guaranteeing that only CFTers are sharing a room and we can configure it any way we like including coed, with fewer people per room, etc. The preferences of those RSVPing will be considered and we will reserve as needed as we go along.

Hostels are only open certain hours. We cannot check into this one until 5.p.m., at which time we will check in and commence to the prison. If we will be back later than 10 p.m., when they usually lock the doors, we need to let them know ahead of time to keep it open. Likewise, we cannot check out prior to 7 a.m. Saturday, but must check out by 9:15 a.m.

Anyone able to get to the area early for a Friday afternoon of sightseeing can do so and will be able to store bags, food for the fridge, in the hostel as of about 2 or 3 p.m. with advance notice. You just won't be able to sack out on the couch or cook up a ratatouille in their kitchen until 5 p.m.

Links to the main events:

Here is a write up of last year's prison experience-every year is very different, but this gives you an idea of the intensity.

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Malabar Farm/restaurant/shop and state park/trails info:

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The Biblewalk Saturday xmas matinee might be interesting, but there are normal walk throughs of the wax museum too.

OWLS!!!! and other birds living in bliss:

Highly recommended shopping and gluten free stuff:

Malabar Farm big house tour: