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Testy Topics #2: The Israel/Palestine Conflict

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Join us for the 2nd in the series of our "Testy Topics" Roundtable discussions!

The Israel/Palestine conflict has certainly been a testy topic in recent years, especially on social media forums. The online "airwaves" abound with opinions on this subject, many of which (unfortunately) seem to be dubiously reasoned and researched. In addition, some of our major news outlets have been accused of omitting certain aspects of the conflict to give the "coverage" a particular slant. Interestingly, this is a topic that brews conflicting opinions on the political Left AND the political Right... and even among we secular (and generally liberal) folks in the West.

So how do we make sense of the conflict? What are its surface and underlying causes? What would be the most reasonable way to help resolve the conflict? Or, can it ever be resolved at all?

We'll examine those questions and more in our open-floor discussion. Some materials will be provided to intellectually chew on, and attendees are welcome to bring up their own materials as well.

See you there! :)