Testy Topics #3: The Quagmire of Politics


Our third "Testy Topics" Roundtable will focus on the second of the taboo topics that "shouldn't" be discussed in everyday company (the first of course being religion)... politics! More specifically, we'll focus on the often hazardous terrain of the current political landscape.

On the Right, we see too much ignorance, too much God, some bigotry, and the same ossified ideas being recycled. On the Left, we see too much naivete, too much cowardice, and some ideas being put forth that seem like the equivalent of unicorns farting rainbows. Not to mention the scourge of Trumpism on the Right - and a tendency towards tribalistic purity tests among the Left that seem disturbingly evangelical in their nature.

A number of group members have expressed that they are politically disaffected - and like many others across the nation, they can no longer fully identify with either political "tribe". The cause may or may not be the actions of the political party itself... in this age of instantaneous internet soundbites, peripheral people with a platform are quite capable of precipitating the political alienation (and sometimes, apathy) of others. Those who feel politically disaffected are encouraged to attend this one!

Unlike the first two Testy Topics entries, this one probably won't have much in the ways of organizer-provided graphics to use as discussion points - we will, however, have a laptop/projector handy to look up items and fact check, if need be.

Hope to see you there! :)