Henrietta Swan Leavitt Memorial Star Party 6 (and Potluck)

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...And with her important discoveries, humanity was on the path of finding out just how immense the Universe is.

Join us for our 6th annual Henrietta Swan Leavitt Memorial Star Party/Potluck!

Henrietta is an unsung hero of 20th century science who made a most important discovery that paved the way for modern cosmology. From Wikipedia:

"Leavitt discovered the relation between the luminosity and the period of Cepheid variable stars (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cepheid_variable). Though she received little recognition in her lifetime, it was her discovery that first allowed astronomers to measure the distance between the Earth and faraway galaxies. After Leavitt's death, Edwin Hubble used the luminosity-period relation for Cepheids to determine that the Milky Way is not the only galaxy in the observable universe, and that the universe is expanding."

The first three HSL Memorial Star Parties were all held in late May - the weather was ridiculously perfect for all 3 (we got lucky!). For the past 2 years we decided to shift it to July, for a different evening sky (the Summer Milky Way will be riding high in the sky soon after dark). Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate last year - but hopefully this time around we'll have crystal clear skies!

A thin crescent Moon will be the first astronomical treat - it will be only 19% lit (plus "Earthshine"?) and should be a very cool sight in the scopes. Later in the evening, both Jupiter and Saturn will be very well placed for viewing! If the skies are sufficiently clear and dark after the Moon sets, we'll be checking out some deep sky objects as well.

This will be a potluck, so please consider bringing something to share! We'll be providing an assortment of grillables (plus condiments etc) and some snacks and soft drinks, coffee, etc. As in past years, we'll get a fire going later in the evening. Feel free to say what you intend to bring in the comments below as the date draws nearer.

Hope to see you there! :)