Logic Programming from the Inside Out & ClojureScript, Figwheel, etc: Workshop

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We're going to have two talks this month. First Russell Mull will present:

Logic Programming from the Inside Out

Description: Learn about the guts of miniKanren and core.logic, obtaining a deeper understanding of the fundamental truths of logic programming. (And also some neat functional programming tricks)

Then I'll lead a workshop on:

Single Page Apps with ClojureScript, Figwheel, Reagent, etc.

Description: We'll do a quick high-level workshop to introduce using ClojureScript with Reagent to create a very simple web app. I'll show a work flow using Figwheel and we'll discuss some architectural decisions as time allows.

If you've been meaning to look into ClojureScript this is a great way to start and if you're experienced come and share your thoughts and help others.

Bring your laptop with leinengen installed or team up with others at the meeting.