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First presentation by Henry Fellows:

University of MN, Morris senior Henry Fellows shares about his summer internship at Kidblog writing production Clojure on an ElasticSearch backend.

Second presentation by Tom Marble:

Introducing webica: a new Selenium binding for Clojure for automated browser testing.


We already have test runners for ClojureScript using NodeJS, PhantomJS, Nashorn and the like... but these can't quite emulate the full browser experience. We want to test our ClojureScript web apps in browsers -- ideally via our favorite automated continuous integration tools.

Classically we've used the clj-webdriver for this purpose, but that Selenium wrapper has not been updated in a year and has a bunch of outstanding issues. For a while I have maintained a fork of clj-webdriver to fix various problems.

My new approach with the webica library is to do full Java introspection in the spirit that amazonica does for the AWS API. In fact I want to take it a step further by actually generating Clojure source code via introspection that can be used by Codox to generate nice API docs (which you don't get with amazonica).

In this talk I will discuss my progress in developing webica for the Selenium release v3.0.0-beta2 (from last week) and give a live demonstration.

A few drinks will be provided.

11 4th St NE #300 · Minneapolis, MN