Eventdriven Microservice Architecture

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At this meetup there'll be another strong focus on microservices architecture.


17.00 - Welcome

17.20 - Eventdriven Microservice Architecture with Martin Humlund Clausen from Umbraco.

18.15 - Food, drinks and socializing.

18.45 - Osiris and KEDA with Rasmus Hummelmose from Microsoft.

Eventdriven Microservice Architecture - Martin Humlund Clausen.
Building an architecture purely on synchronous http communication is a surefire way to hardly couple your services together, kill performance, and set your infrastructure ablaze. In this talk, we will be covering what issues arises when building Microservices and how we can prevent them while implementing a highly available backend API using an Eventdriven Microservice architecture.

Osiris and KEDA - Rasmus Hummelmose.
In this talk, Rasmus will give a high-level introduction to Osiris and KEDA (Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling) and how to use it real life.

After the introduction, there'll be a lot of demos:

- Kubernetes cluster and container registry provisioning
- A look at a few Azure Functions with different trigger types
- How does the Azure Functions Core Tools integrate with Kubernetes and what are the caveats?
- HTTP triggered Azure Functions deployed to Kubernetes and scaled with
- Other Azure Functions deployed to Kubernetes and scaled with KEDA