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17.00 - 17.15: Welcome and introduction
17.15 - 18.15: Servicepos - startup and further journey - Brian Jakobsen
18.15 - 19.00: Break. Food and beverage will be served
19.00 - 20.00 The mistakes of a company going SaaS - Niels Hartvig

Info about the speakers:

Brian Jakobsen:

Brian Jakobsen is Co-founder of Servicepos and he is an entrepreneur with several years of experience in ICT.

Servicepos - startup and further journey

In this talk Brian will present how they started their journey; young students with nothing other than a dream of being entrepreneurs.
Brian will focus on their story building a SaaS company with fine growth and with great future ambitions. Do's and do not's of entrepreneurship within IT and tech, how they have failed, but also how they have learned a lot during this entire proces. Moreover, he will present how to test efficiently and pivot, how they work, which technologies they use etc., including presenting how they see the future.


Niels Hartvig:

Niels is the founder of Umbraco and remains the project's heart and soul. He started Umbraco out of necessity but has maintained it out of love and now Umbraco has a life far beyond his wildest dreams. Niels is the inspiration behind Umbraco's community focus, its dedication to quality, and its no-compromise approach to making things simpler.

The mistakes of a company going SaaS

Five years ago Umbraco started a journey of turning an open source project into a sustainable business through their "Umbraco Cloud" SaaS product. Niels will share lots of tough lessons from the process and what he'd do differently if he were to start Umbraco and the Umbraco Cloud today.