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With techniques like Infrastructure as Code and tools like Kubernetes for container orchestration, you can optimize your cloud production setup for scale, availability and consistency with automation, configurations and pipeline integrations.


17:00 - 17:15: Welcome
17:15 - 18:15: "Kubernetes - Ready for production?" - Søren Hartvig
18:15 - 19.00: Break. Food and beverage will be served
19.00 - 20.00: "Towards consistent and repeatable infrastructure at Umbraco" - Mikulas Tomanka

More info about the talks:

"Kubernetes - Ready for production?"

There is no doubt that Kubernetes and the use of containers in production, is some of the most sought-after commodities for developers today. There is however a tendency for organizations to be reluctant towards using Kubernetes in production – helped along by the immense complexity of running Kubernetes at-scale as well as all the surrounding, but important, enablers such as: Service Mesh (E.g. Istio), Networking, Security, Charting (E.g. Helm), Management, Monitoring, KaaS (Kubernetes-as-a-service), etc.
But is it all this opposition, in reality just based on old news and fear, or are there still areas to be aware of in regard to the production maturity of Kubernetes and it’s enablers? We take a close look and give you the insights needed, to make the right decision for you and your organization.

About Søren Hartvig Jensen:

Søren is a Cloud Architect and the Co-founder of CloudUnit – a company that assists software developers and organizations in developing and operating Cloud Platforms and DevOps tooling. Søren has more than a decade of experience in IT operations, with roles spanning all the way from end-user support to enterprise architecture and have worked with numerous technologies before specializing in Cloud as his primary field.


"Towards consistent and repeatable infrastructure at Umbraco"

How we use Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, our approach to consistent and automated infrastructure provisioning across Development and Production environments. From wild wild west towards a reliable setup in the Cloud. How did we (Umbraco) move away from manual processes when working in Azure, towards using Infrastructure as Code with Terraform? Our approach to consistent and automated infrastructure provisioning across Development and Production environments with a live demo.

About Mikulas Tomanka:

Mikulas works at Umbraco where he is a cloud developer in operations: improving, documenting, securing and automating fully cloud native infrastructure.
Outside of work Mikulas loves Star Trek and hiking.