TLV Commmunity Q2 Blitz - JFrog, Soluto & Aspecto

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We're back with an excellent Q2 TLV Community Blitz bringing you three cherry picked talks for houses DevOps, Cloud Native & OSS, and Statscraft.

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Big thanks to the awesome team at Soluto (Shir and Ella - I'm looking at you!) for hosting this IN-PERSON meetup!

Check out the agenda & talks and be sure to join us.

18:00 - Gathering, Mingling and Some Nosh
18:20 -DEVOPS IL
DevOps Patterns & Antipatterns for Continuous Software Updates, Batel Zohar, Developer Advocate, JFrog
In this talk, we’ll analyze real-world software update fails & how multiple DevOps patterns, that fit a variety of scenarios, could have saved the developers. Manually making sure that everything works before sending an update and expecting the user to do the acceptance tests before they update is most definitely not on the list of such patterns.

Practical Canary Releases in Kubernetes with Argo Rollouts, Sari Alalem, Senior Software Engineer, Soluto

With a fast paced CI/CD process and a high rate of deployments happening in a micro services base infrastructure, bugs can slip through the tests into production & when that happens you want to protect yourself & your customers from being exposed to this situation.
Adding another layer of protection using a canary release/rollout process in your K8s cluster can give you this level of protection if done right, there is no one ring to rule them all, but guidelines that enable you to achieve the best canary rollout process you can have using Argo Rollouts

19:00 -

The State of Observability, Michael Haberman, CTO & Co-Founder, Aspecto

With the acceleration of scale and complexity in distributed architectures, the pressure to understand when and where there was abnormal behavior, identify why it occurred, quickly fix it, & prevent similar issues from happening in the future is rapidly growing.

Here is where observability comes into play. Observability gives you an inside look at what’s happening in your distributed system, empowering you to understand what is slow or broken & what you can do to improve performance, from pre-production to deployment.

In this talk, we will explore the future of observability and the upcoming observability trends. We’ll introduce you to the three pillars of observability (metrics, traces, and logs) & show you how you can use them to make your system more observable.

And finally, we’ll explain how you can make observability actionable & scalable for your team by using OpenTelemetry (an open-source project and a member of the CNCF).

19:20 - Pizzas & Beers + Community Fun


Speaker Bios:
Batel Zohar is a Developer Advocate for JFrog & has a background in DevOps support engineering, web development, & embedded software engineering. Prior to this, Batel served as an Enterprise Solutions Lead on a dedicated team that accompanies & assists large customers through the architectural implementation of the JFrog platform. She loves her dogs, plays guitar, and is a fan of Marvel’s movies.

Sari Alalem, is a full stack developer & part of the ‘Anywhere Expert’ team at Soluto, with 10+ years of experience in the software industry.
Through which, Sari wore the hats of a QA Engineer, QA Lead, & Full stack development, in his last hat he was able to help introduce Canary (CI/CD tool) deployments & kick off Guilds in Soluto to enable any Soluto member to bring change.
Sari loves to draw with a minimal set of pencils and charcoal, less hassle & can draw anytime anywhere ;)

Michael is the Co-Founder & CTO of Aspecto. After serving as a software developer in an elite unit in the Israeli Intelligence branch, Michael worked with a few startups on building and scaling their microservices infrastructure. Prior to co-founding Aspecto, he was the Chief Architect at Playbuzz. In his free time, Michael also lectures and conducts workshops on microservices at conferences.