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CloudFoundry launched barely half a year ago to rave reviews. What isn't often mentioned is how large its ecosystem has become. Come in for an update on CloudFoundry, followed up by partner talks on the integrations they've done.

VMware give a Cloud Foundry engineering update (by Patrick Chanezon & Ramnivas Laddad) AppFog - Contributing PHP Support to CloudFoundry For over a year, AppFog has been a leader in PHP platform as a service withtheir product PHP Fog. In this session, we will learn about why AppFog haschosen CloudFoundry for our next generation platform as a service, how wetailored it to deliver rock solid support for PHP, and what we're giving backto the community. Jeremy Voorhis is a Senior Engineer at AppFog. His mission is to create a user experience for PaaS that developers are passionate about. Afterhours, he is also an avid musician and open source hacker. Scalr - Deploying and auto-scaling CloudFoundry Managing clusters of Cloud Foundry, big and small, can be a lot of operations–and who needs more work on their plate? Automation and tooling can help. This talk is a demo of precisely that, with Scalr. Sebastian Stadil is the founder of Scalr, and organizer of this group. ActiveState - Securing Cloud Foundry Multi-Tenancy (by Ingy dot Net) ActiveState’s Stackato has taken PaaS security a step further, and is the first PaaS to bring lxc-based containerization to the Cloud Foundry eco-system. Stackato delivers a more-trusted, enterprise-grade level of security to private PaaS deployments. Ingy dot Net, will cover how ActiveState has re-architected Cloud Foundry to enable secure containers and the benefits of this approach for Cloud Foundry based PaaS.
You can get instant approval for a Cloud Foundry account at ( by using promo code CFmeetup112. Come prepared!