• Services as a Platform: Making DevOps Real at Scale

    Juniper Network Aspiration Dome

    In an era when software is "eating the world," developers rule. Public cloud services understand the economic implications of this trend, and no one more so than Amazon Web Services. The public cloud giant has transformed the way software developers interact with and rely on infrastructure and the services atop that infrastructure. This talk by cloud visionary (and long-time friend) Randy Bias will show how a nascent AWS-inspired movement is changing how an entire industry thinks about the way software developers and infrastructure managers do their jobs. That movement—called "services as a platform" or SaaP—allows developers to use a catalog of composable, reusable components to assemble only the services they need to support each application. Essentially, SaaP lets developers build a customized platform-as-a-service (or PaaS) for each application they deploy. The implications for this new concept in abstraction are potentially as important as the seismic shift to cloud computing that began a decade ago. Randy will demonstrate that while the industry was arguing about whether AWS was building IaaS or PaaS, it was really building an entirely new concept, SaaP. The talk will offer an operational definition of SaaP, demonstrate how it is the logical descendant of IaaS and PaaS, articulate how it unlocks new forms of value for developers, operators and their enterprises, and offer a roadmap for how everyone can use the concepts of SaaP in their own organizations as they move to agile and DevOps methodologies. Attend this talk if you are responsible for helping your organization develop strategies and processes to succeed in a software-defined-everything world.

  • AI and machine learning summit SYNC in Mountain View

    Computer History Museum

    A leading tech media company is holding an AI and machine learning summit SYNC in Mountain View July 14th. Here are some of the noted speakers: Vish Makhijani, CEO of Udacity Fengmin Gong, VP of Didi Chuxing Power J Walsh, SVP of Visa Peter Welinder, AI Researcher at OpenAI Gil Penchina, Partner at IDG Ventures Peter Pyun, Principal Solutions Architect at NVIDIA Also talented scientists and engineers from Google Brain, IBM Watson, Intel are coming as speakers You can use code MEETUP50 to get 50% off for the event. https://sync2017.eventbrite.com

  • Packaging Software at the Edge + Digital Twins

    Hacker Dojo, Large Event Room

    Your First and Last name, email and company name are REQUIRED for this meetup, so please proceed to RSVP at EVENTBRITE.COM (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sv-meetup-packaging-software-at-the-edge-and-digital-twins-registration-35452111219). Agenda: 6:00 - Doors open. Networking. Members meet each other. 6:20 - Welcome. Members to share topics of interests for future meetings. 6:30 - Talk #1. Digital Twin Robert Benson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rbensonpaloalto/), Director of Marketing for Mitek Analytics will present a brief overview of the concept of Digital Twin and describe several of the research implementations of Digital Twin that Mitek Analytics has developed for the Air Force and NASA under federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts. Digital Twin is a concept that has been in existence for about 10 years which has gotten more visibility in the last few years as GE Digital has been promoting the concept as a centerpiece of its efforts to deliver value via the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Gartner has included Digital Twin on its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017 list. Gartner’s definition of Digital Twin starts as follows: “A digital twin is a dynamic software model of a physical thing or system that relies on sensor data to understand its state, respond to changes, improve operations and add value.” The talk can be tailored to target audiences ranging from unfamiliar with Digital Twin and IIoT to those familiar with Digital Twin and IIoT. 7:00 - Q&A break. 7:10 -Talk #2. Packaging Software at the Edge Overview: In the Asset Performance Management space, we need to supply an edge to cloud solve that resides in both on-premise and in the cloud. Our current edge solutions are relatively simplistic, and consists of transmitting time series data into the cloud for further processing. As our technologies mature along with our customers’ needs, we’re finding that we need to grasp a more fog computing-based approach where we include more intelligence, more computing power, at the edge. Along with this computative power, we need to better remotely manage these systems – to be able to monitor progress and diagnose problems. This functionality would also include managing software updates and their deployments. We found that Windows Docker seemed to fit the bill -- much of the technologies that live at our edge solutions are Windows OS based (as the customers’ main platforms are Windows OS based). I would like to review the approach that we took to replackage one of our main APM on-premise solutions using Windows Docker. Some of the pros and cons of the approach. As well as a live demo of the system running on my laptop (will use a virtual machine to simulate). Bio: With over 25 years of experience in the computing industry, Peter (https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterngai/) currently works for GE Digital in San Ramon, California as a Software Architect. He was born and raised in New York City, and is a graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology located in Rochester, NY. He has a software engineering background and his experience ranges in financial systems, payment platforms, to mobile platforms, and now in the Industrial IoT space. 8:00 - Q&A break & wrap-up. NOTE: This Meetup group is not affiliated with GE. This Meetup group does not own the GE Predix trademark; this Meetup has no affiliation, connection or association with such third party; Such third party has not approved nor sponsored this Meetup group's use of the trademark in any way. About sponsors: Altoros's (http://altoros.com/) unique specialty is turning services from Predix Catalog into apps carrying competitive advantage for its customers. For example, Altoros has built a real time baggage tracking solution - BagTrack - a service for airlines and airports that need to bring customer experience up to speed when it comes to letting the customer know, in real-time, status and location of your bag. Altoros provides private/public hackathons, training, application prototyping, development and integration services using solutions offered by GE, Predix Catalog and GE Digital ecosystem. CBTS (http://cbts.net/) provides end-to-end IT and communications solutions that allow mid-sized and enterprise businesses to improve operational efficiency, enable innovation, mitigate risk and reduce expenditures. From building enablement infrastructure, to deploying cloud services, to employing managed services, to offering top-notch technology consultants, CBTS is your technology partner to gain a competitive edge and deliver quality services. Hacker Dojo (https://www.hackerdojo.com/About)is a tech hub in the South Bay that is one part working space, one part events venue, and one part maker space (https://www.hackerdojo.com/Makerspace). We are the perfect place to launch a software startup or build a robot. We have both personal desk space (The Hive ) and shared desk space for Hacker Dojo members.

  • Ben Hindman, Founder of Apache Mesos and DC/OS

    How Fast Data and Microservices Change the Datacenter Join us for a meetup with Ben Hindman, founder of Mesosphere and co-creator of Apache Mesos and DC/OS. We'll have food, drink, and a presentation about managing microservices and fast data systems on a single platform. The application landscape inside our datacenter is changing: Along with the trend of moving toward microservices and containers, there are a number of new distributed data processing frameworks such as Kafka or Flink being released on a weekly basis. These changes have implications for the ways we think about infrastructure. With the growing need for computing power and the rise of distributed applications comes the need for a reliable and simple-use cluster manager and programming abstraction. In this talk, Ben Hindman, the founder of Apache Mesos and co-founder of Mesosphere will explain how Apache Mesos and DC/OS manage microservices and fast data systems on a single platform. He’ll look at how container orchestration, including resource management and service management, can be streamlined to process fast data in a matter of seconds, allowing for predictive user interfaces, product recommendations, and billing chargeback, among other modern app components. Join us to meet with Ben and talk to him about solutions for your enterprise apps. About Ben: Benjamin Hindman is a founder and chief architect at Mesosphere, where he leads a team building out core services for the Mesosphere Data Center Operating System (DC/OS). Ben co-created Apache Mesos as a PhD student at UC Berkeley before bringing it to Twitter, where it now runs on tens of thousands of machines powering Twitter's datacenters. An academic at heart, his research in programming languages and distributed systems has been published in leading academic conferences. Note: For security purposes on the Adobe campus, a name and email is required for attendees.

  • Restoring Order (and Sanity) in AWS Accounts

    Come listen to John Richards, Information Security Analyst at Proofpoint, talk about how his organization used IAM and OneLogin to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency in a large-scale, distributed cloud environment. Specifically: - Risks of credential theft, and what can be done to reduce the likelihood and impact - Limitations of traditional IAM user-based access to AWS - Security and efficiency benefits of federated login for console access (implemented with OneLogin) - Process, struggles, and lessons learned from implementing OneLogin in AWS - Security benefits of requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) for API/CLI access - Process, struggles, and lessons learned from implementing MFA-protected API/CLI access

  • Communication workshop for non-native English speaking engineers

    Free Workshop for Software Engineers: Speaking Up in Meetings When English Isn't Your First Language Lacking the skills to communicate effectively no doubt can be detrimental to your workplace performance, but uncovering the issues and overcoming them is no easy task. Your ability to speak English proficiently is just one of many contributing factors. Join us to learn how to take steps toward meeting your professional communication goals through awareness raising, observation and strategies for implementation. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN Speaking up at meetings with confidence Engaging your audience while presenting Advocating for yourself in the workplace Getting your ideas heard SCHEDULE: 6:30pm: Networking and Refreshments 7pm-7:45pm: Workshop led by Josh Frank, Director of Learning, Lingo Live 7:45-8pm: Q&A Session

  • Future of Entertainment

    AT&T Park

    Networks, storage, devices, and apps are rapidly changing the landscape of digital entertainment. Distribution channels and new monetization opportunities that did not exist a decade ago are now driving change in the industry. High bandwidth mobile networks are now delivering video experiences anywhere the consumer might be. Entertainment and tech industry leaders discuss the shape of things to come in The Future of Entertainment Panel, part of AT&T Shape Tech Expo. Free Registration with coupon code MUOTSF http://soc.att.com/1r5JIab Registration includes access to SHAPE Expo on Friday and Saturday as well as a $25 voucher for refreshments. SPEAKERS JARED LETO ACTOR, MUSICIAN, DIRECTOR Jared Leto’s two decades of work as an actor have encompassed a host of intense and transformative performances. STEVE MOSKO FORMER CHAIRMAN | SONY PICTURES TELEVISION As former chairman of Sony Pictures Television (SPT), Steve Mosko oversaw all television operations for Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) worldwide. LARRY FITZGIBBON CEO | TASTEMADE Larry Fitzgibbon is an advisor, entrepreneur and media technology executive focused on building Internet media companies. JOHN STANKEY CEO | AT&T ENTERTAINMENT GROUP AT&T SERVICES, INC. John Stankey is responsible for the company’s position facing the consumer market segment. He leads strategy, marketing and operations around the development and distribution of a premier entertainment experience. This event is part of a full day of visionary speakers, groundbreaking tech, and imaginative initiatives inspire change for the entire family. Bring your children and be sure to register!

  • AT&T Park? For a meetup? Join us there Fri. evening, July 15!

    How cool would it be to attend a meetup at AT&T Park? Well, now’s your chance. Register at http://soc.att.com/1r5JIab (https://shape.att.com?utm_source=Meetup&utm_medium=PartnerLink&utm_campaign=ShapePromo&utm_content=SVCloudComputing) -- coupon code for free admission: SVCLOUD. As part of “Shape, an AT&T Tech Expo”, AT&T is inviting us and other meetups to join them at AT&T Park on Friday evening, July 15. This event, which normally costs $50, will be free for meetup members who use the coupon code listed above. The free admission not only includes Friday night’s meetup event but also free admission to Saturday’s full slate of activities! It is a great opportunity to network with other Bay Area meetup members, see the batting cages, roam the field, and take in the view from all levels. Plus everyone will get a food and beverage voucher for $25. In addition, on Friday night there will be panels on IoT and on women in technology, tech talks, an expo, a hackathon, and a Futurecast on “Using Tech to Create New Experiences for Sports Fans” with Andrew Keen and Kenny Lauar, the Marketing Director at Golden State Warriors, and more! Registration Please register here: http://soc.att.com/1r5JIab Use this coupon code: SVCLOUD Here are some of Friday’s and Saturday’s (July 15 & 16) activities. · Featured Speakers: Listen to AT&T executives and tech luminaries like Jared Leto, Nate Silver, Jason Silva, and Dr. Fei-Fei Li discuss the current state of technology and what the future might hold. (Sat) · Exhibits: Explore various areas of the technological landscape. See the future being shaped through hands-on demos from our exhibitors. (Fri & Sat) · Tech Talks: The latest from Oculus, Google, Texas Instruments and more. (Fri & Sat) · Hackathon: You bring the innovative ideas and we’ll bring the tech to help you transform them into apps in just 24 hours. (Fri) · Futurecast: “Using Tech to Create New Experiences for Sports Fans”. Moderator: Andrew Keen; Guest: Kenny Lauar, Marketing Director at Golden State Warriors (Fri) · Maker Camp Live: Designed for kids who enjoy hacking, tinkering, learning, crafting, and making. It combines the best parts of summer camp with tech starter projects. (Sat) · Challenge: Come see the finalists pitch their innovative ideas for a chance to win $50,000. (Fri & Sat) We’ll see you at the ballpark! To stay up to date on this and other AT&T events join the AT&T San Francisco Bay Area Coding Workshops & Hackathons (http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-DevLab-Coding-Workshops/) meetup – http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-DevLab-Coding-Workshops/

  • Asset Management Workloads in the Cloud [http://bit.ly/1TCJWBi]

    • Learn how to efficiently share workloads across your datacenter to optimize your entire computing infrastructure. • Learn how to combine BATCH, Big Data (Spark and Mesos) and low-latency workloads into a single, highly available cluster. Register at: http://bit.ly/1TCJWBi • Learn how to seamlessly transform your on-premise datacenter by incorporating a private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

  • IoT security panel discussion

    Prysm Inc

    **** This is a paid event. Please register here https://www.eventerp.com/guest/guestregisters.php?q=84&r=S9tvA9Cg Welcome to the era of Internet of things - where your car, toaster , refrigerator , baby monitor, front door, you and other things are connected. Everything will work great. You will make the payment with selfie, car will drive you to your destination and doors will open when they scan your face. This is fascinating. But there is downside to IoT. IoT is becoming attractive targets for cybercriminals. They can manipulate *things* and attacks us. For instance, recently a research team studied 9 brands of baby monitoring devices. All of them got a failing grade and critical vulnerabilities were found. In another instance, two cybersecurity researchers remotely put a Jeep Cherokee into a ditch by hacking the crossover's UConnect radio. Researcher also says vulnerability in smartwatches may leak your data to hackers even as you are typing. Is this era of Internet of NOT SO SECURE things? SIPA presents 3 hours of panel discussion on IoT and IoT Security. We have invited IoT Security authority speakers who will discuss IoT Security needs, shortage of IoT Security professionals, shortage of IoT Security technologies, role of Machine Learning in IoT landscape and similar topics. Join us and learn from these Industry IoT experts. Speakers Vimal N Suba, Product Strategy & Management, Startup Advisor, Cisco A veteran of Cisco, Vimal has more than 14 years of diverse experience across developing software products, taking new products and services to market and accelerating adoption of pre-chasm products for Enterprise, Service Providers and Commercial customers. Vimal currently leads the Cloud services portfolio at Cisco and has deep background in Cloud Automation, Security, Analytics and IoT. In addition, He is an active judge at Cisco IoT Innovation Challenge team and advises startups to achieve product-market fit. Vimal holds a MS degree from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Tom Caldwell, Co-founder and EVP, CyberFlow Analytics A veteran of Cisco and Microsoft, Tom has deep expertise in delivering Cloud-based software products and large scale software systems to large enterprise and service providers. Tom is a founder and currently leads the engineering effort at CyberFlow Analytics, a Network Behavioral Analytics company focused on securing Industrial IoT and Enterprise IT. Prior to that he served as President of LonoCloud, a cloud PaaS company acquired by ViaSat. With a MS in Computer Science, he has more than 20 years in business and software engineering. Ashu Goel, CEO, WinWire Technologies Ashu Goel, CEO, has 23 years of technology and consulting experience focused on helping business and technology leaders harness the power of Collaboration and Analytics across the enterprise. With technology trends such as cloud, mobility, big data and consumerization of IT, collaboration and analytics have become even more important; leaders are looking to leverage insights in making information actionable. Mr. Goel has helped clients in a variety of industries such as Hi-Tech, Financial Services, Healthcare and Retail. He is a Haas MBA graduate from Berkeley and has a BS from IIT Roorkee. He worked for leading organizations like A.T. Kearney and Microsoft prior to starting WinWire in 2007. Register here: https://www.eventerp.com/guest/guestregisters.php?q=84&r=S9tvA9Cg $20 for pre-registrations $25 Walk-in price Use SIPA5 for $5 off until May 2nd.