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Self improvement & Share Support Meetings

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Self improvement & Share Support Meetings


Want to improve communication, body language, approach people, improve overall confidence with positive conversation on a range of topics, and share and support one another by rehearsing real-life personal & professional situations? You can join from any location on group video call for an hour or two every week. There is a small nominal monthly fee of INR 500. You can text me on Whatsapp with your number & gmail address on 9205174995 to join. Your number and mail cannot be viewed by other participants (just your screen name).

These are regular weekly meetings so it is a once-in-time opportunity to be a member of this community. Monthly Club membership fee applies; INR 500 PM (First month INR 300). Paytm No. 9711171681. Please pay and Whatsapp with a screenshot to join. Only kind, positive, well-behaved, sincere, and learning-oriented people shall be admitted. If we find anyone a loud or negative influence, that person will lose their membership right away. So RSVP only if you appreciate and need the opportunity of being an exclusive part of a community of this kind. Thank You!

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" Club of Delhi " Moving to "Traveling Souls"
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