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TRANSFORM Your Relationship with MONEY!!
Are you CONSTANTLY STRESSED about Money? Can't pay the bills? Can't afford to enjoy simple pleasures due to money? Are you fed-up with all of your money issues? Can't afford to "save" money? Join us for this special meetup! You will learn how to: -LOVE Money -Save on a monthly basis, with your current salary! -Understand the main barriers keeping you from making more money -Be on your way to financial freedom Please contact me right away for more details and to reserve your spot. If this image bothers you, the you CAN'T AFFORD to not join this meetup!! And if this image excites you, then you MUST join as well!!!!

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Jack Canfield - Marianne Williamson - Dr. John Demartini - Lisa Nichols - Mariel Hemingway - Tom Shadyac - Fran Drescher - Marie Diamond - Mary Morrissey - and many, many more!

Get the Life & Career You Deserve!

Need help in starting a successful holistic practice? Want to leave your 9-5 in order to start living your life's purpose? Want to learn how to manifest? Want to live in abundance? Want to create lasting prosperity? Want a deep & meaningful relationship? Want a deeper Spiritual connection? Then join our LOVING group! We discuss these and many other topics in a very loving, gentle, supportive and positive environment.

This is great for people who are barely tapping into Spirituality, or those that are DEEP into their Spiritual practice.


Connie Costa

Writer, Transformational-Coach & International Speaker

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