What we're about

Welcome to your Coastal Business community. We're looking forward to meeting you & learning your profession. Come and enjoy our fun-filled productive monthly event.


If you’re interested in maximizing your confidence, gaining clarity, and working with purpose towards your own success as a person, and as a Professional, then this is the group for you.

Based on respectful motivational psychology we aim to fundamentally improve your life.

Concepts we focus on discussing this year:

1. Time-management

2. Clarity of Purpose

3. Authenticity

4. Being Present

5. Relationship building

6. Confidence in any situation

7. Respectful Solution-based Sales

8. Dispelling erroneous beliefs

9. Motivational Psychology

10. Self-leadership

11. Professional Development

12. Living The Dream

Sound great so far? Come along :)

Are you looking to grow the number of people you complete business with? Keen to raise your monthly revenue? Come along?

Our dynamic event is on 12th of every month (usually!). It's casually facilitated, receives rave reviews, and business opportunities are secured at every single event. Join our group and participate in the most enjoyable relaxed atmosphere of Business networking on the Tweed Coast.

We learn through doing. We buy from people we like and trust.

To encourage your personal & professional development by enticing you along ... our monthly event is sponsored. So at the least you may leave with a quality prize. Of far greater likelihood though is your growing depth of ability in:

• communication skills

• enduring self-esteem

• ability to set and stick to essential boundaries

• a mighty increase in your own esteem

• development of your Leadership capabilities

Our collective mandate is to support you in what you’re working for & help you to act for what you want to create in your life.

All results rest on perception; so asking questions is a mighty means of dynamically tweaking your results by how you perceive an answer to a question.

Why do I serve and manage this meetup?

For attracting smiles & making it easier to be gently assistive (rather than fear-based triggers of avoid avoid), I title myself as a “Procrastination Resolutionist” rather than "Motivational Psychology". I studied Psychology at Uni for 6 years & have successfully trained Teams especially in the area of increasing annual revenue ... but this success ONLY lasts when a person recognizes and continues to develop their own Self-Leadership.

So I fundamentally mentor in the field of Motivational Psychology creating clarity, purpose, and completion.

In my spare time I work in a Team to support & empower High School youths in the Tweed River region. This ensures I’m learning as much as I’m sharing & remain ‘fresh’ for supporting our future generations of adults & Leaders, whilst actively mentoring today's adults into becoming greater Leaders. There are still too many of our young people as well as adults that are not able to tune in to their own authentic selves. None of us can lead if we have no direction in mind. Dreaming & working on that, allows the principles of Self-Leadership to be exercised.

Try thinking of the brain as a muscle! Each of us has our own gifts to use, share, and create successes with in this life.

Here in our Coastal Business Community meetup we are a community of dedicated professionals achieving our best through performing to the greatest of our growing abilities, and consciously choosing to be grateful rather than grumpy.

Dreams are possible when we dance one step at a time.

Goals are achievable when we choose to dance with fear instead of run away.

If you’re ready to step on up and gain a greater version of you whilst increasing the lucrativity of your Business, join us and come along. We are very welcoming and friendly.

Respectful rules:

1. Integrity, honesty, & respectful behaviour are paramount

2. Photos taken on site will be uploaded to our Group page and shared unless you specifically request otherwise

3. Being on Time is respectful so please try your best

4. 12th of every month (usually) from 6:30 – 8:30pm NSW (& 5:30 -7:30 pm QLD during daylight savings)

5. If you'd like to Sponsor a segment once, or for the remainder of the year, please contact me to ask how: sharee@evolvagroup.com / 045 048 1969.

Monthly Location: To support as many local Businesses as possible our location moves up and down the coast each month. Usually the location is announced 1 to 2 weeks prior to each event. It is usually centred around Kingscliff & Casuarina NSW.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.

With much respect,

And much kindness,


Sharee Campbell
Qualified in Psychology

Founder of Evolva Group
Facilitator of the Coastal Business Community
Director of the Brain Bootcamp Challenge


Mobile: 045 048 1969

Upcoming events (5)

Networking for YOUR business: social enjoyment with a practical purpose

Meeting each other & learning more about each other creates trust. When we trust we tend to buy from each other rather than from strangers. Come along and see what delights we have on site here! We start off with a refreshing complimentary drink (wine, water, or juice), and enjoy some generous prize draws from our wonderful sponsors. Thank you to Dawn Courage of Mortgage Choice! Thank you to Witches Falls Vineyard in Mount Tambourine! Thank you to Newhaven Funerals! Thank you to Evolva Group Counselling! If anyone would like to enjoy introducing themeselves for a whle 60 seconds, you're welcome too. If not, you don't need too :) We are a friendly supportive bunch of individuals in Business that get together monthly to enjoy the lighter side of life & create conversations that connect & create opportunities. This month Kathy is welcoming us in to Elysian Activewear 60 Marine Parade in Kingscliff. 6 - 8pm. Come & meet everyone! All welcome! Limited to 20 people so be in quick for the best value local marketing you'll really enjoy and benefit from. Have a look on Facebook at Elysian Activewear online first if you wish: https://www.facebook.com/elysianactivewear.au/ See you on 12th!

6pm July 12th = let's network

To be Confirmed closer to the date


Brought to us by locals, for locals & always enjoyable. Come along & gain from being present.

6pm August 12th = Let's network & enjoy doing so!

Needs a location


Brought to us by locals, for locals & always enjoyable. Come along & gain from being present.

6pm September 12th = let's meet & enjoy networking

Needs a location


Brought to us by locals, for locals & always enjoyable. Come along & gain from being present.

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