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Learning The Swizzle and Obj-C Runtime @ Evernote

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jim h. and Carl B.


Our next meeting is being hosted by Evernote. To add to the fun, some of their engineers will present on such topics as method swizzling, just to name one. If you've never done swizzling, it's a big RPG, so be careful how you use it. JC will walk us through that. And more.

After JC's presentation, Andrew Donoho will present:

DDGPreferences: A Class for All Settings

Almost every iOS application has individual user preferences. Some apps also use Apple’s Settings app, some don’t. If you develop many different applications, as Andrew does in his development consulting practice, it is tedious to code up a custom preferences class for each app. Andrew's class, DDGPreferences, is an attempt to minimize the tedium by providing a very simple API to the NSUserDefaults class for both settings and custom preferences. In addition to DDGPreferences, Andrew has included a set of standard logging macros, DDGMacros, and an example single view iOS app tying all of the pieces together.

This talk will discuss how DDGPreferences uses the Objective-C runtime to create this capability. You can read about it on his blog: .

Evernote is the latest major iOS house to locate in Austin. So if you've thought of making the big jump into full-time iOS work, this might be a good chance.

P.S. I want to extend a big "Thank You" to Andrew Donoho and Dee Dee Breaux for putting this together and Evernote for rolling-out the red carpet to us.

6504 Bridge Point Pkwy, Suite 400 · Austin, TX