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14th Inspiration Session: The Art of Celebration

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14th Inspiration Session: The Art of Celebration


Celebrating - whether by reaching a project milestone, capturing key lessons learned or acknowledging the hard work of your team and partners - is not just a moment. It's a momentum. Celebration represents progress and achievement. And there are unique ways it can be ritualized to boost the outcomes, the people and the partnerships that drive a project.

Butterfly celebrations

The year is coming to an end and we have a lot to celebrate at Butterfly Works. When we look back, the list of reasons to celebrate just keeps growing: we received 2nd place in The Spindle’s Innovation Award for our serious games in Yemen; we’ve been part of some truly transformational events in the past few months; we have some exciting additions to our team. And last but not least, we finalized our new toolkit after a year of testing and iterations!

What do you want to celebrate? And how?

What about you? What do you want to celebrate? We invite you to come to our 14th Inspiration Session where we’ll debut our brand-new, easier-than-ever-to-use toolkit to co-create celebration rituals.

This is a time for your team to recharge, to complete old cycles and begin new ones, and – most importantly – to reflect and to ask some very important questions that are not often asked, like:

-How do we harvest and share our learnings in a meaningful way?
-How do we acknowledge the work of everyone involved?
-Is celebration a party or does it have purpose?

Confronting our fears

It can be challenging: what if you have many people on the team? What if the team members are working from different parts of the world? What if there is no budget or time?

These are precisely the ideas we will be grappling with at our upcoming Inspiration Session! You’ll be surrounded by curious and innovative people as you explore the art of genuine celebration.

Be inspired

Do you want to see what actually happens at these sessions? Have a look at a recap of our last one, in July:

About our inspiration sessions

Since 2014 Butterfly Works has been hosting inspiration sessions on different topics that engage. Each time we pick a different theme relevant to our work and that of our network. Join us!

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