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15th Inspiration Session: Co-creating across cultures

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15th Inspiration Session: Co-creating across cultures


None of us is as smart as all of us

Different factors such as power dynamics, vocabulary, gender, or even the interpretation of colors can present barriers to multi-stakeholder collaboration, meaningful participation and the co-creation of relevant solutions to an issue.

They can also influence how you work with cross-cultural teams, how you facilitate a workshop session and how you deliver a message.

How can applying co-creation to your collaborations enhance their relevance and sustainability?

In this session we will explore the enablers and the barriers of cross-cultural co-creation. Be prepared for a hands-on session full of empathy and creativity. We will work in groups on an assignment and leave the session with best practices to make the most out of our collaborations between different cultures.

Be inspired

Do you want to see what actually happens at these sessions? Have a look at a recap of one of our sessions, in July 2018:

About our inspiration sessions

Since 2014 Butterfly Works has been hosting inspiration sessions on different topics that engage. Each time we pick a different theme relevant to our work and that of our network. Join us!

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