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Clean Architecture for NodeJS Backends

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Designing and maintaining a NodeJS application can be quite challenging over time. How do I organize my code so that it can scale to more and more features? How do I write code that is easy to test?

This sessions tries to answer these questions and others by presenting the Clean Architecture. Introduced by Uncle Bob, this architecture describes a way to build applications that are:

- Independent of frameworks
- Testable
- Independent of interfaces (REST, GraphQL)
- Independent of databases

We will see how to implement this architecture using NodeJS. Even though we will be using Express.js and MongoDB, the concepts described in this session apply to any database, framework or even languages.

Finally, we will discuss how to incrementally migrate an existing code base towards this architecture.

About the Presenter
Gael du Plessix is a Full Stack Software Engineer practical experience building monolithic and micro-service applications.