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How to Use Data & Build Your First Serverless Application to get a Raise

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In this session, Senior Back-End Engineer, speaker & mentor, Michelle Brenner will demonstrate how to build a ROI Tracker application. The ROI Tracker app will teach you two skills, how to create your first serverless app and how to track your achievements for the dreaded annual review.

Michelle will discuss how best to communicate your successes, the technical advantages of Python based serverless apps and how to get started with your own.

Most people dread the annual review process. It is difficult to remember everything you have done and summarize it in a concise, clear way. As engineers, there is the additional factor of translating technical achievements into a format business folks can understand. This session will propose a solution for tracking and reporting achievements in a way that’s simple and easy for stakeholders to understand.

This talk will consist of two main parts. After outlining the difficulty of annual reviews with a real life example, I will explain the manual solution of success statements. A success statement is a sentence that explains a single achievement and how it contributes to the bottom line. This is a great place to start, but can be tedious to add up all the information for reports.

The second part is about the AWS based app I created and how you can use it to store and automatically summarize the data multiple ways. I will explain how serverless apps are a great way for those without DevOps experience to get an app up easily. I’ll get into the different ways to manipulate the data and how to deploy the app to have a personal ROI Tracker. The repository is publicly available to make it easy for the attendees to dig in and review the code themselves after the talk.

Michelle is a Senior Backend Engineer at ChowNow, helping restaurants to improve their business so they can keep making great food. She previously worked as both an engineer and a manager for the last 7+ years in entertainment technology.