Acing the Technical Interview

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Getting the interview from the dream company is itself tough. But having the ability to crack the interview after getting the dream call is even tougher.

Having someone guide you through this process of unknown can certainly give you an edge over other candidates. In this session, Abhishek Jain, Senior Software Developer and mentor will dissect the interview process and give you a full understanding of how it works and what employers are looking for. He will be discussing some frequently asked questions, how to answer them, some common pitfalls to avoid and how to prepare efficiently for the interviews.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to practice interviewing skills through mock interview sessions.

The art of cracking interviews is somewhat different from our day to day work and needs a special attention to be mastered. Learning this skill is even more important for people in the LA area as more and more tech companies are coming to LA.

About the Presenter
Abhishek Jain is a Senior Software Developer at CornerStone OnDemand. In addition to his day time job, Abhi is a mentor for software developers