Introduction to Docker & Containerization


In this one day, intensive session attendees will get a conceptual as well as practical, hands-on exposure to Docker!

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About this Course

Docker is gaining popularity and its usage is spreading like wildfire. The reason for Docker’s growing popularity is the extent to which it can be used in an IT organization. Very few tools out there have the functionality to find itself useful to both developers and as well as system administrators. Docker is one such tool that truly lives up to its promise of Build, Ship and Run.

Docker is the industry-leading, state of the art containerization technology.

What You Will Learn

- The essentials of Docker container architecture.
- How to build Docker images
- How to run Docker containers
- How to creating your own Docker images
- How to deploying your images to Docker Hub
- Custom configuring Docker containers
- Docker networking
- The fundamentals of Docker data storage
- How to create mutli-container applications using Docker Compose
- Observing Docker applications with log aggregation
- Monitoring Docker applications
- How to creating distributed applications using Docker Swarm
- Performance optimizing of Docker containers
- Docker security

Cost: $199.00

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