What we're about

This group is the merger of Programming & Entrepreneurship. - If you are a programmer or entrepreneur, this group is for you.


We will be heavily focused on the BUSINESS side and merger of web and app development, programming, hacking, cyber security, and software development.

specifically our members are:

1) Freelance programmers and 9-5 salaried programmers that are looking to land better clients, larger clients, or more clients.

Looking to reduce the time and effort it takes to manage each web development account.

Looking to drastically increase their compensation for each and every project you work on.

Looking to potentially scale up your one-man operation to become a full-service web development agency.

This group will discuss best practices of identifying, attracting, landing, and efficiently managing your IDEAL programming clients while earning absolute top-dollar for doing so.

We'll also discuss merging additional core, complementary, and passive service offerings to your foundation development skill-set

For those looking to market, sell, and monetize your own software and apps, we'll discuss the optimal strategies to do so.

For those that are looking for something a bit more traditional, we'll also assist in hacking the job search process to help you land your ideal full-time development position.

We will also discuss how to generate even more PASSIVE income by creating and selling your own programming instructional videos online.


2) Entrepreneurs that are looking to understand and utilize technology and coding to build their startups.

3) Entrepreneurs and programmers looking to match up and join forces.

Lastly, we'll be chatting about the merger or Technology & Marketing, for those interested in the field of Growth Hacking.

Upcoming events (1)

Let's meetup and discuss The Business of Programming
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

our kickoff meeting will be held in Manhattan. Stay tuned for the venue and date.

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