Clojure Lounge

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Clojure Lounge

Would you like to take a stab at Clojure - the lisp language dujour for the JVM? Rather than trying to bite off all of clojure in one go, we'll going to take a look at this from choosing a web framework (webnoir) with a specific problem (???). We’ll build it with Maven, your IDE (or not, VIM is acceptable) of choice and deploy it to Heroku.

Lets try building an oauth (using Github, Google and Twitter) for CodeLounge meetups using Twitter Bootstrap. Ideally we could integrate some of our learning from pusher or the like.

Please bring your own setup (laptop, etc) and ideally have installed:

- Maven 3.0.4
- Your editor of choice
- Git (as appropriate for your environment)
- Heroku Toolbelt (

This isn’t a lecture, its a boots-n-all learning experience so the more basic reading and experimenting you do up front, the more you’ll get out of it and the more it will solidify your own understanding. It is unknown yet if there will even be any clojure experts there.

We will have available

Power Wifi network Projector Coffee Machine (Nespresso with a wide range of coffee pods) 2 toilets space for 6-8 people Gitblit git server Nexus maven repository
This is a learning experience for everyone,