What we're about

NOTE: the events in this group are self contained - you can join a single event at any point and you will be able to take new learnings out of it as long as you are ready to actively participate.

A space enabling learning and improving computer programming skills through solving and discussing interesting problems of various difficulty levels.

The main purpose is to allow learning for people with different backgrounds and experience levels through sharing of knowledge and helping each other.

There is no constraint around the choice of tools. The focus is on building or improving the foundations that are universal. Guidance will be provided for beginners and people interested in particular technologies.

Practice: attempt to solve problems independently or in groups.

Share: bring a problem to solve or a topic to discuss.

Fail: understand that failure is a part of the learning process and an important companion of getting better.

Question: discuss and exchange different ways of approaching a problem with an open mind.

Resources for a good start

• ideas for beginners https://www.wikihow.com/Start-Learning-Computer-Programming

• web-based code editor and interpreter for many of the popular languages if you want to try a new language or don't have a set-up on your local machine https://repl.it/languages/

• getting started with Python https://www.python.org/about/gettingstarted/

• best place to get an answer or ask a question related to your code (create account) https://stackoverflow.com

Resources for problems

• mathematical and computer programming problems to solve (create account) https://projecteuler.net

• programming challenges (create account) https://www.codewars.com

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