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Git series - Part 2: Git’s information model

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Git series - Part 2: Git’s information model


The Git series is a bi-weekly meetup organized by Coders Only, where techniques, methods and concepts around Git are brought to you in fun and thought provoking workshops. If you do not feel fully comfortable when using Git, want to improve your current workflows or wish to get fresh ideas for working with this powerful tool, then these workshops are made for you! You do not have to be an expert to join the workshop, but it is going to be helpful if you have used Git previously 😊

Let's proceed the series of Git sessions by introducing a big chunk of Git's information model. We will cover details of the staging area and commit structure, using Gitception to show how objects are stored in the repository. Having this knowledge will raise your confidence when confronting situations where Git does not behave the way you expect it 💃

🕡 Check in: What do you expect from today's workshop?
🕖 The index aka. the staging area & "blob" objects
🕗 The anatomy of a commit and its impact on the development history
🕘 Checkout, 🍺🍻🍺 & 🍕

The Git series are online. You will therefore need the obvious:
- a computer
- an internet connection
You will receive the link to the video session about half an hour before the meetup starts.

This session includes exercises and discussions on development concepts, I recommend setting up:
- a current Git version (>2.27 - although the version is not thaaaat important for this session 😊)
- access to a Git bash
- a microphone (to participate in the discussions 😉)

Since the session is long and pretty intensive, prepare some snacks to eat during the theoretical parts, so you don't starve in the exercises and discussions 😋

Contact us on discord and ask all your questions about this workshop, the upcoming workshops, the speaker:
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