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CodersInHoods(NYC): Web development Workshops
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CSS is a tricky part of Web development. It’s not complicated, but tricky and requires some practice.

If you are learning HTML and CSS and want to see some best practices, tips and tricks with CSS then join our workshop.

We always focus on the most practical things and share best practices. The goal for our community and coding school is to help people become developers and change their careers.

We are running different workshops and this time we want to talk build a landing page.

Design is here:

This is a great chance for you to do your first steps towards new skills.

During the workshop, we will cover:

=> how to start
=> steps to process design
=> how to build HTML fast and efficient
=> best practices of CSS

What you need:

– hanger for a new knowledge
– a laptop
– an internet
– code editor on your laptop(VS Code preferably)

Join our Slack before the workshop to get help with the setup:

More info about us: