Spring Boot: Adding Different Logins - HTTP, Form and SSO- Virtual Workshop

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In this session, we will use various options for implementing a login feature using Spring Boot 2.1. We intend to start with the basic authentication which you may use for an internal backend tool. Then, we will move on to a form-based authentication page. We will proceed to customize the default, auto-generated form by overriding the default templates and controllers. Finally, we will also add Single Sign-on using OAuth 2.0. This is exciting! Our goal would be to allow the user to sign in using Github.

We assume that you have got a basic familiarity with Spring and Spring Boot. You may not necessarily have an in-depth understanding of Spring's various security features.

We expect that you have git installed. Gradle is not strictly necessary.

Come, have fun, learn hands-on some latest technology, participate in Q&A and network -- all geared for your success.

Multiple similar sessions and technology guidance is designed throughout the most of 2020. Our sole intention is for everyone to land a better workplace, better pay and more job satisfaction through an exciting journey with us.

Make sure that you and your friends attend ALL the sessions planned through this meetup in the first quarter of 2020!

Workshop location:

If you live in Maryland or Washington DC, you can join this workshop remotely via Zoom. We give out Zoom info around 15 minutes before workshop starts by adding comment to this page.

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