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What we’re about

For us heavily right-brained people learning to code can seem a bit cryptic and intimidating - but with the right guidance you can add coding to your creative skill set!

We'll break down coding principles into simple and fun analogies, work through easy to follow exercises and start building a strong foundation for you to express your creativity via code.  We'll also frequently gather together as a community to assist one another and celebrate each other's growth and accomplishments!

Even if you have some experience coding, there is something to be learned by all levels of coder as this creative perspective will get you thinking with a different part of your brain, opening up new conventions and solutions while developing a sensitivity towards design, user interaction, and programmatic animation.

Here are some things to know about this group:

- We have a diverse group ranging from absolute beginners to tech industry veterans.
- We aim to have at least two free-for-all meetups per month.
- We offer low-cost, low-commitment micro courses and one-on-one mentoring for those looking to accelerate their coding skills.
- We specialize in JavaScript with an emphasis on Front-End Development. (We do offer Full Stack help as well!)
- We have a 24/7 Slack Channel for you to ask questions and chat with your community.

Please note the different meetups and micro courses skill levels.  Generally, free-for-all meetups will be for all skill levels.  The skill levels are as follows:

0 - I have absolutely no experience whatsoever – but I'm pretty creative!
1 - I’ve looked at code, but have no idea what is going on - and frankly it scares me.
2 - I’ve dabbled, mostly copy and paste.  I have a rough idea of what’s going on but when things actually work it’s really just luck.
3 - I have a pretty good idea of how HTML and CSS work, but JavaScript is a mystery to me.
4 - I have a basic understanding of OOP and have been somewhat successful at creating objects that translate into useable code in my websites.
5 - I have a strong understanding of OOP have completed several complex projects using dynamic data.
6 - I am an advanced coder looking to improve my eye for design, UI/UX knowledge, incorporate WebGL into my work, and learn how to create impressive programmatic transitions and animated micro-interactions.