Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

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Did you know that 70% of people report having impostor syndrome? In this workshop, Beacon Driscoll is going to teach you why so many of us have impostor syndrome and what to do about it.

Beacon is an authority on happiness and fulfillment. As a coach, counselor, mentor and strategist he delivers life changing transformation to people who want more from their lives. He empowers his clients to have more fulfillment at work, a greater sense of ease in their home life and a larger social impact.

Feeling like a fraud all the time is called “Impostor Syndrome” and over the years Beacon has created a system that helped him and his clients dramatically improve their confidence. This shift creates a general feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Promotions and praise follow. And best of all, the praise feels true.

In this workshop, Beacon is going to teach you a brand new model of what it takes to create that deep inner feeling of confidence. Not only are you going to learn the tools to overcome impostor syndrome, he is going to share his secrets for instant confidence boosting so you can leave feeling more confident than ever.

In this workshop you will:

- Understand what causes impostor syndrome, and create daily practices to overcome it
- Discover the #1 thing that holds you back from feeling confident
- Learn how to feel like you are worthy of living a happy, fulfilling life

BONUS: Get live, in-the-moment experiences that will boost your confidence on the spot!