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Vancouver Invisible Coffee Drinkers
Birds of a feather flock together. Over coffee! No agenda just odd conversations about life. Enjoyment is the plan; drinking coffee or tea,or just monkeying about with our cell phone. Usually coffee is the drink of choice. But we are not fanatics. Tea is available for grannies. Planning for new adventures, we are bold, yet modest Canadians. Please change your seat occasionally and so change the conversation. Usually we have a vivid and hopefully a disquieting discussion about twaddle and the meaning of tea etc. Talking, perhaps listening, or at least pretending to. Coffee makes it all worthwhile. Coffee drinkers are clever, individualistic and strangely simple. Or really, really simple. If you wish please donate $1.00 for Meet up cost. Annual fee paid to "Meet-up" is C$230.00

City Square

555 12th Ave W · Vancouver, BC

What we're about

We gather together usually at City Square, 12 Ave at Cambie St., silently sipping coffee, or even tea, while looking vacuously into space. When the first person cracks and speaks, the rest of us watch, listen and gaze in amazement. Then we all start to talk. Some listen, some even think about things. Or knit.
Sometimes we manage to mumble, mutter, or splutter a few disconnected words to each other, the droning conversation has been known to ramble on for a couple of hours. A conversation that is kept alive by coffee, plus the threat of solitary introspection and crushing clarity.

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