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Dim Sum Class and Tasting with Author Evelyn Chau

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Come and learn about the origins of dim sum as well as how to make the most popular ones with author Evelyn Chau. This is a special class with a HEART theme that will come in handy on many occasions! In addition to finding out how easy and fun the whole process is, we will sit down and enjoy our creative efforts for brunch.

Dim Sum and Valentine’s Day:
Did you know "Dim Sum" means "Touch the Heart" in Chinese? We have a great idea for February 14. Forget chocolates and flowers! Learn easy dim sum techniques so you can create Valentine's brunch for your loved ones, spouse, life partner, BFF or cool neighbours. These recipes are from the best-selling book "Have Some Dim Sum." They are fun but people will really think you worked all day cooking for them!

About the instructor:
Evelyn Chau is the author of the book “Have Some Dim Sum” which covers the origins, history, and even etiquettes of dim sum. Also in her book, she gives 20 versatile dim sum recipes as well as diagrams for home entertaining. Evelyn is a motivation coach, writer and food lover who also has a deep interest in healthy living. Originally from Hong Kong, Evelyn has been interested in food since she was about five. She used to be recruited by her grandmother to prepare Bird's Nest Soup, a great delicacy in Chinese cuisine. The resulting soup left an indelible memory on her tastebuds and the experience gave her good work habits in the kitchen.

Evelyn’s book “Have Some Dim Sum” was nominated for the World Cookbook Awards in Versailles, France and also received a design award from UNISOURCE, Canada. Her book has been featured on Discovery Channel and Fox Television and was reviewed in The New York Times and The Globe and Mail. You can find more information on Evelyn’s book or purchase it on the following web site:

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