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Dinner at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant (Cash Only)

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This restaurant is a favourite among those in the Chinese community who love seafood, especially lobster. I went by this restaurant one recent Saturday and it was packed. The specialty here is “live” seafood. The interior of the restaurant is something quite unique. Basically, it is like being in an aquarium museum where all the tables are surrounded by large fish tanks filled with lobster, king crab, eel, and other fish. Also, some of the lobster they have here are huge, going up to 9 lbs for a single lobster. One thing about this place the fish is fresh, basically going from tank to table (and being cooked in between). You can get lobster here in several types of preparations, including fried. The picture you see above is 9 lbs of lobster.

WARNING: This place is expensive. Expect the bill to be at least $50 per person here. Of course, you are getting lobster and fresh seafood, which are not cheap items. As for the prices, lobster here goes for $17 per pound and king crab goes for a whopping $45 per pound. (I rather stick with the lobster.) This is not a place I would go to frequently because of the price and would consider this to be more of a place for a special occasion. But it is such a unique place and experience that I thought it should be on my list of Chinese restaurants to visit. And the lobster will be GREAT – something I hardly ever have.

The address of the restaurant is:
Fishmen Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant
680 Silver Star Boulevard
Toronto, ON M1V 4S5
PH: (416) 321-0250

Public transit directions:
TTC subway to Finch. Then take #53 Steeles bus east to the restaurant, which is just east of Pacific Mall and Kennedy Road in a shopping plaza on the south side of Steeles Ave. The #53 bus ride from Finch station to the restaurant along Steeles is about 35 minutes.

The best way to experience this Meetup is for everyone to order a dish and share dishes family style. This would mean there would be one bill per table to be evenly divided by all of those sharing. Please do not leave the event until your bill is settled. Also, please bring CASH for the food bill.

Meetup fee:
There is a $2 per person Meetup fee for this event.

Meetup Etiquette:
If you RSVP “yes” and change your mind about attending, please update your RSVP.
Those who RSVP “yes” are expected to show up.
You are expected to be at the event on time. In situations where you are late and the restaurant is full, your seat will be given away and not held, so please be on-time.
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