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Dinner at Pero Restaurant and Lounge (Ethiopian Restaurant)

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Pero is a colourful and stylish Ethiopian restaurant on Bloor Street West between Ossington and Christie with wonderful food. Dishes here use aromatic East African spices and the menu a wide array of dishes, from beef, lamb and chicken to vegetarian. Some interesting items on the menu are things like Cha Cha, boned lamb served sizzling on a skillet; Fish Dullet, fish with fresh garlic, green chili pepper and mixed with Special herb and mitmita cardamom; Yemane Barya Special, tender pieces of lean beef or lamb mixed with collard green; Abrham Afewerki Special, tender pieces of chicken mixed with collard green; and Zil Zil Tibsi, long strips of tender beef sautéed with butter, onions and spices. There are several vegetarian dishes on the menu as well, including a split lentil stew and chick peas with berbere sauce. Also the restaurant has some great platters for sharing, which is a very traditional thing to do in Ethiopian cuisine. There is a vegetarian platter. The Pero Specialty Platter would be a very good choice – this is a combination plate that can be ordered for 1 to 4 people and has a combination of beef tibs, chicken and three vegetarian dishes. The restaurant has a 96% approval rating on Urbanspoon and is very elegant, yet with reasonable prices. The restaurant is only open for dinner, and hence, we have an evening dinner Meetup for this occasion.

By the way, for those who may not be familiar with Ethiopian cuisine, it is customary to eat with your hands, using the injera bread to pick up the food.

What is injera?
Injera is a yeast-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture. It is traditionally made out of teff flour and is a national dish in Ethiopia.

The address of the restaurant is:
Pero Restaurant and Lounge
812 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, ON M6G 1L9
PH: (416)[masked]

TTC Directions:
Subway to Ossington. Then walk a couple of blocks east on Bloor St. to the restaurant.

Meetup Fee:
There is a $2 per person Meetup fee for this event.

Meetup Etiquette:
If you RSVP “yes” and change your mind about attending, please update your RSVP.
Those who RSVP “yes” are expected to show up.
You are expected to be at the event on time. In situations where you are late and the restaurant is full, your seat will be given away and not held, so please be on-time.
Attendance will be taken at all events and “no shows” will be tracked.
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A person who just briefly shows up at the event but does not stay at the restaurant for the meal will still be considered a “no show”.

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