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Coffee Shake Mixer 8:30am (Please read agenda) Red Roof Inn, San Dimas
Come join us for quality networking with your members of your local community ! We Are A Non-Exclusive Group. WE WELCOME YOU! WE PROMOTE COLLABORATION - NOT COMPETITION! NO MEMBERSHIP FEES! NO ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTS! ★ JUST FOCUS ON CONNECTING ★ $5 CASH AT THE DOOR. FRUIT, JUICE COFFEE & WATER WILL BE SERVED WITH 20+ CONFIRMED RSVP'S ONLY. Text your confirmed RSVP (include date) to[masked] Group Energy Focus Topic ...To Be Announced!! Check back for updates to this Event Flyer. LET COFFEE SHAKE BE A RESOURCE FOR YOU! There are so many strategies and techniques that we use to help us expand. Lets share some specific thoughts on this Focus! Coffee Shake encourages sharing resources, tips and exchange of great information. Thank you for being a part of our vision ____________________________________________________________ Congrats to Our Winner At Our Last Morning Mixer. Please check our Private Coffee Shake Facebook Group for our latest winners! For those who would like to participate in our new 50/50 drawing, you can purchase drawing tickets for $1.00 each or 7 for $5.00. 50% goes to Coffee Shake (expenses) and 50% goes into the cash pot to win!... and if your ticket is drawn then you get to pick a card from our card deck and you get the amount = to the face value of the card, upto a maximum of what is in the pot at the time of the draw. SELECT THE ACE OF SPADES AND WIN THE ENTIRE JACKPOT! The cash pot keeps growing until someone wins any of it or ALL OF ITl!! You must be present to pick a card from our deck and to win!! The 50/50 2nd Chance Draw for Losing Tickets! (Prize: Product or Service Donated by Coffee Shake Members) For those Coffee Shake 50/50 participants whose DRAWING tickets do not win a jack pot prize on the day of the ticket purchase, those tickets will be entered into the 2nd Chance Drawing to win one of the Donated Items to be held the same time immediately following the 50/50 Drawing.. ____________________________________________________________ VENUE LOCATION & AGENDA RED ROOF INN 204 Village Ct, San Dimas, CA 91773 We are currently using the meeting room behind the pool area. TIME: Wednesdays 8:30AM-Doors Open / 12:00PM Doors Close PLEASE ARRIVE NO LATER THEN 8:45AM. HOST INTRODUCTION STARTS AT 9:00AM AGENDA: 8:30 AM Members and guests check / network /buy tickets. We ask that all guests are seated by 9:00am. 9:00 AM Coffee Shake *Introduction by Co-Founder & Host, Cynthia Bryant * Welcome New Members! 9:10 AM Attendee Introductions: Maximum 1 minute to state your name and your profession, special promotions. (2 min for smaller attendance groups) AFTER ALL 1 MIN INTRODUCTIONS ARE COMPLETE: * Announcements are mentioned (if any) * 10 Min Topic (if any) or Group Energy Focus (if any) * Share A Business Tip with the group! New! OR * Share A Testimonial. New! OR * Announce a Referral for another Coffee Shake Member. Networking Mixer commences after all introductions have been shared Meeting ends anytime prior to 11:50am. REQUIREMENTS: Thank you for participating in our Networking Group! There is no membership fee to be a Coffee Shake Member, so.....we ask that you be able to pay $5 cash at the door. WE CANNOT ACCEPT I.O.U.'s. / Checks are $1.00 fee / Credit Card $0.65 fee ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 1. Reminder of our Regular Scheduled Meetups - Check back at this site for schedule updates and added venues/meetings as we expand in 2016. We will be increasing our meetup frequency as we continue to grow in membership! 2. Coffee Shake Meetup are "Mixer Style" Networking Meetings. We encourage you to bring the following to pass out to other members: LOTS OF BUSINESS CARDS FLYERS, SPECIAL PROMOTIONS MARKETING LITERATURE 3. Bring A Guest(s)!! All Coffee Shake Members are welcome and encouraged to bring guest(s)! As Coffee Shake continue to grow in membership, everyone benefits! All Guests must also pay $5 cash at the door. ___________________________________________________________ GET OUR COFFEE SHAKE MOBILE APP visit: on your cell phone! Coffee Shake Members can stay up to date with.... * SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS * FLASH OFFERS * EVENT CANCELLATIONS * EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTS * NEW MEMBER OFFERS * EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR OFFERS Once we reach 100 Mobile App Subscribers, we'll be having random DRAWINGS EXCLUSIVE FOR SUBSCRIBERS! Stay tuned for more details! GET CONNECTED TODAY!! COFFEE SHAKE CO-FOUNDERS Christine Bryant & Cynthia Bryant We both are Very Enthusiastic about building Coffee Shake into a positive, productive way to motivate and inspire everyone involved. It is our dream to create an opportunity for our members to profit in their business as well as in their social circle and community. We will continue to strive to keep making Coffee Shake better and better for all Coffee Shake Members!! We'll keep it Fun and we'll keep it Membership Free! We look forward to meeting & networking with you ! Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have. Sincerely, Cynthia Bryant / Co-Founder[masked] Christine Marie Bryant / Co-Founder[masked]

Red Roof Inn

204 Village Ct · San Dimas, CA

What we're about

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Coffee Shake is a different kind of networking platform whereby we combine and promote:

♦ Business-to-Business Convergence
♦ Social Atmospheric Connections
♦ Collective Contribution to Our Communities

Unlike the traditional networking groups that we have all grown accustomed to, our group does not follow the "exclusivity" standard by locking out interested participants, nor does it encourage competition among it's members.

Instead, Coffee Shake.....

> embraces the concept of collaboration,
> promotes building connections,
> advocates the inspiring of others,
> supports cooperative relationships,
> knows that taking action produces results,
> understands that people need people,
> believes in leveraging the expansion of social circles,
> realizes that everyone has something of worth to offer,
> finds extraordinary value in giving and sharing,

..and applauds those who want to be a part of this type of environment !

This is an excellent opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone !

Build New Relationships with Friends & Business Professionals !

Come Share Your Products / Services / Knowledge / Resources & Talents !

We Want to Get to Know YOU !!




> Gain Excellent Exposure
> Offer Free Information To Expand Your Lead Base
> Be A Resource to Your Customers
> Drive More Business & Grow Your Clientele




> Bring your best social skills
> Bring extra business cards
> Bring any promos to pass out

....a word from one of our Coffee Shake Founders/Organizers:

Dear Fellow Community Networkers ~

In the many years since my sister and I founded Coffee Shake (in July 2011), having hosted 100's of our morning and evening community mixers, I have had the great pleasure and amazing opportunity of meeting 1000's of wonderful members from many communities.

It has been quite the journey for myself and for the friends I've made along the way. Making the decision to "Get Out There" and connect with people, was the single most life changing thing I did for myself on a personal level and at the same time catapulted my business to new heights I had never experienced.

I sincerely want this for YOU!

Becoming part of a local networking group, where you are supported and encouraged will absolutely do wonders for you. I've seen it happen for so many people.

Taking action , being consistent , working smart and having goals were hard lessons I learned, but the diligence paid off. And while I know that these things are imperative to achieving success, I also learned that Believing in Yourself is the main ingredient to co-creating the life you dream of.

One way of increasing your belief in yourself is to surround yourself with others that will be supportive and believe in you too! .......while at the same time you can have the opportunity to do the same for them.

That's what you can expect when you join Coffee Shake and make a commitment to stay involved, stay active, be sincere and express your passions.

I BELIEVE IN YOU!! I look forward to getting to know every one of you, learning new things, exploring collaborations, volunteering together and being of a resource and inspiration in any way that I can.

Thank you for joining and Welcome to Coffee Shake !

Your Organizer & Website Admin,

~ Cynthia Bryant / Coffee Shake Co-Founder


"To the degree we’re not living our dreams; our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves" -Peter McWilliams

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